How To Make a Garden Look Bigger

A small garden is a small garden. You cannot extend further, especially if you live in the city or the suburbs, where space is limited. So what you can do is to make your garden appear larger than it actually is. It will be about playing with a person's perception of distance and area. To make a garden look bigger, focus on the following basic concepts:

Maximize the space. Use furniture, figurines and other garden structures that are proportional to the size of your garden. If a swing eats up more space, settle with a rocking chair. If a pond will devour the entire garden, then place a small rock fountain instead. It will be as relaxing. Aside from planting directly on the ground, also use potted plants and hanging plants and place them on the walls, either on top of the walls or by hanging it. You can also place shelves for potted plants.

Play with colors.  Bright colors like red and orange seem to appear nearer, while cool colors like blue and violet appear farther away. With this in mind, place flowering plants near the entrance if it is bright colored, and place the cool colored blooms at the edges of the garden, preferably up where the backdrop is the sky, to create an illusion of space. Also use light colors when painting your garden walls or fences. It is also good to put lighting in the garden so you can enjoy it at night.

Go bonsai.  You can also put bonsai trees in your garden. This especially looks good when it is placed beside the rock fountain. Place the larger bonsai trees in corners, while the smaller ones can be placed near the entrance. Arrange the plants from the smallest size near the entrance, to the largest at the farthest part of the garden.

Plant vertical trees.  Bonsai trees usually grow outward. You can also plant regular trees that grow upward, which draws attention to its height. Vertical trees also save space, so you can plant other varieties beside it. Ordinary trees that grow outward create shade that may limit you from growing plants under it, since most flowering plants like direct sunlight. Vertical trees do not create much shade, so you can maximize the remaining space with flowering plants.

Let ‘am crawl.  Vines and climbers also extend the space upwards. Let them grow on walls, fences and sheds. A bare space emphasizes limited space, while a wall with vegetation creates an illusion that there is more space behind it. There are climbers that give off natural scents, like Actinium officinalis. Overhead climbers also add shade but still allow sunlight to pass through.

Work on a theme and maintain your garden.  Have a theme in mind when arranging your garden, and avoid cluttering. You can opt for an all rock and stone design, or you may want wooden furniture, or bamboo fences, with a real bamboo plant. It is also best to trim plants and trees. Replant those that have multiplied, and place on pots. You may be able to use these as indoor plants, or simply give it away.


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