How To Make a Garden Pond with a Rubbermaid Container

Cultivating a garden is one of the more therapeutic ways of keeping your home beautiful. The proximity to plants and earth and sunlight make it a worthwhile hobby that can both be invigorating and calming for you. Your garden can be improved by adding a garden pond to it. Garden ponds are self-sustaining ecosystems that contribute to your garden's beauty. Building a garden pond does not have to be expensive. In fact, you won't have to hire professionals to create garden ponds in your garden. You can do this cheaply just by using a clean Rubbermaid container and by following the steps below.

  • Search for the perfect spot for your pond. Make sure that the Rubbermaid container will be placed in an area that will maximize the pond's features. Choose a place that will not be too difficult to go to so you can maintain your makeshift pond easily. Considering this, avoid placing your pond under a tree, since you will find it difficult keeping it clean all the time, since leaves and twigs will keep on falling. Choose a spot that will get enough sun, so you can also a rich plant life around your garden pond.
  • Obtain a large container. Choose a Rubbermaid container that is big enough to meet your vision of your garden pond. It should be deep and wide enough to contain the water that is needed for your garden pond. You can get such containers from your local supermarket or home improvement store. Make sure to only get Rubbermaid containers since they are known for durability and resilience. Choose a light-colored container so the water won't get too warm when the sun touches it. Darker colors tend to absorb heat quickly and it could heat up the water too much, which could affect any form of life you may choose to include in the pond.
  • Bury the container in the spot you have chosen. Dig a hole that is deep and wide enough to hold the Rubbermaid container. Once you have dug the soil, place the container in it. Do not bury the whole container into the ground. Make sure that you leave a few inches of the container above the ground. This will prevent any soil or mud running into your makeshift pond, especially when the rains start.
  • Fill the container with water. Slowly fill the Rubbermaid container with water and make sure it is level with the ground. Pack the soil around the container, and form a tight foundation around it to keep it in place. Once you are satisfied with the level and the stability of your pond, fill the container completely with water.
  • Make sure the water flows to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Mosquitoes naturally breed in stagnant water. To be able to do this, you can attach a pump to your pond so the water flows continuously. You can even make it pretty by adding an artificial waterfall to keep the water flowing constantly, thus preventing any pesky mosquitoes from breeding in your garden pond.
  • Decorate your pond. Now that you have your pond ready, you can now prettify it. You can line the lip with bricks and pebbles and other decorative rocks. You can also add aquatic plants around your pond to give it a robust feel. Feel free to also add color by adding different blooms around the perimeter of your garden pond.

Once you have set up your garden pond, you can have fun cultivating it. Since it is a self-sustaining environment, it will not be too much of a hassle to maintain this. Just make sure that your water pump works fine, your plants are well cared for, and you clean the area around your pond constantly.


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