How To Make a Garden Shed

The beauty of building a garden shed yourself is that you can design it to your exact specifications. You can include such amenities as a window with a ledge, a skylight, doors or even an attached potting bench. Use these tips to learn how to make a garden shed.

There are a variety of shed design plans available by software if you have never tackled designing a building or you can purchase a ready to construct garden shed kit and modify it.

Check with your local state government office to find out if you need a building permit to construct a garden shed. Then walk around your backyard to determine the best location for constructing the shed. You want an area that is relatively flat and free from flooding, that has at least partial exposure to sunlight, some shade and free clearance from any overhead utility lines.

You can construct your garden shed to sit directly atop the ground, or you can have a concrete foundation poured for more solid flooring or make flooring out of gravel prior to building the shed.

The first part of building the garden shed will be framing the walls. Pay attention that you are measuring each piece of wood accurately prior to cutting to avoid the added expense of having to buy more lumber. Plan ahead if you want to have one large garage-style door or a pedestrian door that can be secured with lock and key. Do you want to add a window that will allow natural lighting inside your shed or would you prefer to install a skylight in the roof so that you don't need to electrify the shed? Do you want to build shelving inside the shed to hold a variety of equipment? Do you want to build a potter's bench attached to one of the shed's walls? Make sure that whatever build-ins you add inside your shed, that you leave enough room for at least one person to move around comfortably.

If you do want to add electricity and running water to your shed, make sure that the location you select for building your shed is convenient to access both electric and water without having the added time and expense of digging up the yard to run more pipes and wires a long distance to accommodate such services.

Once the building, roof and interior amenities have been constructed for your garden shed, protect your investment with a coat of exterior paint as protection against rain and other changes in the weather. Painting your shed will give it a finished, more professional look that also helps to extend its lifespan.


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