How To Make a Gerber Daisy Centerpiece

Gerber or Gerbera daisies have remarkable beauty and make a centerpiece easy and fun to create. Gerber daisies are known for their bright colors and long petals with their pretty centers. Because Gerber daisies have long green stems they are perfect for use in a tall vase. Gerber daisies come in bright white, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, light pink, dark red, orange, light yellow, bright yellow, deep gold, and peach.  With so many color choices, the possibilities are endless.

Start with a vase.  Any shape clear glass or plastic vase will give you more opportunity to be creative.  Give your Gerber daisy centerpiece a personal touch.  For example, you are hosting a baby shower for your best friend who is expecting a baby girl.  Start with a tall clear vase that has a large bowl shaped bottom.  Fill the bottom of the vase with plastic toy baby booties or doll size baby bottles. Use soft pink and bright white Gerber daisies with long stems, white baby's breath for filler, and a light fern for greens.

Create a sunny but dramatic Gerber centerpiece by lining the bottom of a clear vase with lemons and add a bouquet of bright yellow Gerber daisies with pansies for filler and hydrangeas leaves for greens.  You can use rocks, shells, marbles, fruit, nuts, or toys in the bottom of the vase for accent.

To build your centerpiece start with your center Gerber daisy and add additional daisies one at a time in a spiral around the center flower.  As you add each additional flower, place it slightly lower that the flower before to avoid crowding the Gerber daisies.  When the centerpiece is large enough, hold the bouquet firmly and add the filler by inserting each sprig separately between the Gerber daisies.  Filler can be feathers, small flowers, bamboo shoots, pine needles, curly ribbon, pencils or anything that will help you create a theme for your centerpiece. Just remember filler is an accent so don't use too much.

The last things you add are the greens by placing each piece one at a time under the bottom of the Gerber daisies and continue all the way around the centerpiece.  Greens can be any color or kind of leafy plant life you like.  Take off any broken or hanging pieces of greens and filler.  Make adjustments to your centerpiece before tying the flowers together.  Use floral tape, or ties just under the layer of greens to hold your centerpiece together.

Cut the Gerber daisy stems to the desired length.  The stems can touch the bottom of your vase or be shortened to rest on top of any decoration you have placed in the bottom.  Gently insert the stems of the flowers into the vase and add water.


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