How To Make a Girly Bedroom

If you have a girly girl in your household like I do, then you might be able to use these steps to making a girly bedroom.

  • First, determine what colors your girly girl likes. Most girly girls will like colors such as pink or purple. If the person you are creating the room for is unable to tell you her favorite color then pink and purple are usually safe colors to go with when creating a girly bedroom.
  • Next, look at the room and look for any unusual aspects of the room. Does the closet stick out into the room? Does it have an angled wall or ceiling? In my daughter's room her closet sticks out into the room so I decided to use this as a creative way to add another color to her room.
  • Paint angled walls or walls that stick out into the room a different color than the main room color. If the main room is pink, consider painting a wall purple, or yellow or green.  Remember to try and use non-toxic or low VOC paint.
  • After the room is painted and has been allowed to dry consider wall decorations. You can use a wall paper border, pictures, shelves or art. You can even use a mural to decorate a wall.
  • Now dress the bed. If the girly girl you are designing the room for has a favorite princess or cartoon character such as Care Bears or Barbie, the bed is a great spot to add this element into the room.
  • Use comforters, blankets, and pillows to bring in accent colors and personal favorite characters or animals.
  • In a girly bedroom you will want to use white for the furniture and book cases and shelving. Adding hand painted accents to the furniture such as bows and hearts will also do well in a girly bedroom.
  • Dress the windows with a color that does not blend into the walls but goes well with the room.  If your walls are pink consider purple curtains and valances.  Ruffles and paisley designs on the drapes go well in a girly bedroom.
  • Consider the lighting as well in the room.  Lamps bring light as well as whimsy into a room.  Use a lamp that brings a love of your child into the room, such as butterflies, princesses, or carousels.
  • Don’t forget the light switch and outlet covers.  You can find many light switch and outlet covers in several designs to accent your room, you don’t have to stay with the basic white plastic covers.

Also to make the bedroom even more girly, consider switching out the hardware on the dresser.  Using fake crystal handles will add sparkle to a room and every girly girl loves sparkly things!


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