How To Make a Glass Coffee Table

Making your own furniture is making a huge comeback, and for good reason. Making a coffee table means that you can design it around your house, and it is guaranteed to be completely unique. Making a glass coffee table is a great and surprisingly easy project to take on, just follow the following steps:

  1. Design the Coffee Table. In how to make your glass coffee table, the design is the most important part. There are so many options! Choose your shape; round, oval, square, rectangle - along with how large you want the coffee table to be. Next, decide whether you want it to be painted glass, frosted glass or clear glass. Finally, what do you want to use as your base? Anything will do to make your coffee table base as long as you choose something that will support the size of glass that you are using - from found branches, to boxes, heck even an old lobster trap will work. Spend some time trolling thrift stores and see what you can find!
  2. Buy the Glass. You can try any typical warehouse furniture store, such as Pier One or IKEA, and there are several good stores online. Make sure that the glass is at least 12mm thick for safety reasons. Also, a beveled edge can be helpful so that when you bump into your new coffee table you don't hit a sharp glass edge.
  3. Apply Your Coffee Table Design. Perhaps you simply want a clear glass on top of some piece of interest, but if you are looking for more than that, here is a fun and quick idea for painting a great pattern onto your coffee table. First figure out what that pattern should be. It can be fun to wander through the wallpaper aisle to see if you can find something that you would like on your glass coffee table. If you do, this is nice and cheap as most places will give you a sample strip of wallpaper, and that is all you need! Whatever you have decided to use as a design, cut out the design from the paper it was in very carefully as this will be your stencil. Place your stencil on the wrong-side of the glass and carefully spray paint in your design.
  4. Mount Your Base. The final part is simply to mount your base. I would recommend using padded adhesive strips that can be found at a hardware store relatively cheap. This will protect your glass. Don't forget to put the painted side facing down - this protects you, your paint, and it will still be very visible. Following these simple steps is the easy way to make a glass coffee table you will be proud of.


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