How To Make a Good Rabbit Trap

People look at rabbits as cute and cuddly creatures. This is the impression that cartoons and storybooks portray. But you and I know the truth behind these bothersome bunnies. These thieving little creatures are rodents that steal the vegetables that we worked so hard to grow.

With the aid of our helpful hints we can address these pesky problem-making critters. By following these simple steps, you can create a rabbit trap that can help catch the robbing rodent and help cease the pilferage from your vegetable farm.

  1. Get all the things you will need. Start by collecting all the materials you need to create your rabbit trap. You are going to need a sturdy box to hold a wild rabbit, a stick that is about 6 to 8 inches long, some string or wire that is about 18 inches long, a sharp knife and some bait. Celery sticks or carrot sticks are great bait because they are long and easy to tie a string around.
  2. String it together. Tie a piece of string around the stick at about two inches from the bottom end of the stick. At the other end of the string, tie the pieces of vegetables.
  3. Location. The next step is to find a spot to place your box. Place your box in a place where you see a lot of rabbit tracks. It should also be flat enough that when the box lies with the open portion down, there are no spaces for the rabbit to get out. Clear out any debris surrounding the box to make sure there is a way for the rabbit to get into the box.
  4. Get it all together. Prop up your box with the sturdy stick that you had and place the bait within the box. There should be no slack on the string or wire. Then test out your trap using a long stick to move the bait. As you move the bait around, the string should pull the stick, causing it to fall flat and trap the bothersome rabbit.

At last you have the rabbit in your grasp. Now you can surrender them to the authorities to be properly dealt with. Just remember though. Do not pick up a wild rabbit. They may look cute and cuddly but these furry little pests bite. If you aren’t careful, they might even give you a disease (such as rabies).


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