How To Make a Handmade Rustic Coffee Table

Interior design for your house or apartment is always a matter of personal taste. You could go for the minimalist look and buy stuff from Ikea, you can also go for the art-deco look and work with straight lines or you could go for the warm, earthy look and make handmade rustic furniture for your home or apartment.

The best thing about handmade rustic furniture is that you have the satisfaction of resting on something that you put together with your own hands and hard work. Putting together furniture is not only a rewarding experience but also a cheaper alternative than buying prefabricated stuff. It also puts a bit of yourself into the décor of your home. It’s like you let your personality shine through those handcrafted furniture pieces.

Before we begin, you’ll need the following materials:

  • wood slab (2 inches thick)
  • leg slab (15 inches tall)
  • drill
  • wood putty
  • putty knife
  • 4 wood screws (2 inches)
  • soft cloth
  • Stain for matching the wood

Now follow the steps below:

  • Know the design first. You should always know how the finished product will look before you start the project. Drop by your local furniture stores to get some insight on what kind of design you may want for your home. You can also check out websites online for some designs.
  • Work within budget. Have a fixed budget before you start the project. That way, you have an easier time selecting the wood top, center stump, slab and the dimensions you need to get them in.
  • Finish first. Lay out all your pieces before you put them together. To make sure that you get those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of the furniture, its best you apply the finish on the individual pieces first. Use the soft cloth to put on the finish then let them dry out in the sun. You can use either urethane or linseed oil as a finish to give it that outdoorsy look.
  • Stumped. Come up with your own little idea with regards to the stump. Bear in mind that you can choose to get a slightly bigger diameter directly beneath the top using a slab that is significantly different. You can reverse the proportions of the two as another option. And finally, you can choose to have the same size for the two.
  • Support the stump. Arrange the stump or leg, for as long as you make sure it is properly aligned for supporting the weight of the table top. It’s possible to arrange them that there is a need for 2 supports. If this is the case, then you might want to put more screws in the stumps. Put together the top and the support first to preview how your coffee table will appear after it’s done.
  • Screw or glue? At this point, you will definitely need to know if it is better to glue or screw the parts together. Either method is good for keeping the parts together. Screwing them is highly recommended as you can position them more easily. Four heavy duty wood screws (2 inches) should do the trick. Place them at equal distances from each other at the base of the stump. Fill the seams up using wood putty for added sealing, and finally apply the stain to finish the job.


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