How To Make a Homemade Recipe Book Holder

A recipe book holder is a useful tool in every kitchen.  Not only will it support your recipe book, it also makes cooking more convenient.  With your recipe book safely nestled in a holder, you can follow procedures properly at eye level thus ensuring an easier way of preparing dishes.  

Do you have a favorite recipe book that you use in every type of occasion?  Do you always strain your neck every time you cook?  Save yourself from unnecessary stress and make your very own recipe book holder.  Read on to learn how.

  • Prepare the materials.  The materials that you will need to make your recipe book holder are scraps of medium-density fiberboard, a jigsaw or a router, glue, sandpaper, small nails, a pencil, tape measure, protractor, a standard sized cook book, contact paper or paint.
  • Measure the parts.  To start making your recipe book holder, lay your cookbook flat on the fiberboard and trace its size lightly with the use of your pencil. Allot an extra inch of allowance in all sides and mark them too.  This will serve as the main frame of your holder.  Once done, draw two identical triangles that will serve as stands.  Make sure that the slopes are 40 degrees to the parallel sides, as these sides will serve as the base that will sit on your countertop.
  • Cut parts.  After measuring the parts, cut them accordingly with the use of a jigsaw or router and set aside.
  • Make slots.  Take your main frame and make two slots on it by measuring 4 inches from both left and right sides.  Mark each spot.  Measure the thickness of your board and apply it on the measurements you will be making from each spot.  Meaning, if your board is 10 cm. thick, you have to measure 10 cm. from each spot as well.  After making the marks, cut the board about 3 cm from the edge on both sides.  This is to allow your triangle stands to perfectly fit in.      
  • Assemble the parts.  Once you finish cutting the slots, you may now fit the triangle stands.  It should stand properly and have enough space to hold your recipe book.  For additional support, you can also attach a 1 cm square of board piece between the stands and on front of the main frame with the use of either glue or nail and hammer.
  • Decorate the holder.  Make your recipe holder look classy by sanding its sides for a smoother finish.  You can also cover it with decorative contact paper or paint it in a color of your choice if you want. Just make sure to cover all the spots when you do.

Congratulations on your very own recipe book holder!  You can put it in your kitchen to display your favorite cookbook or you can store it away when not in use.  Once you become familiar with the procedure, you can use the same steps to make a book stand as well.  Be creative in decorating the stands and use the right materials so that you can use them for a long, long time.


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