How To Make a Homemade Wall Lamp

Lighting fixtures in the home can add an elegant touch of personality. These are not only useful, it can also help make a room appear warmer and more comfortable. When it comes to home accessories, you can actually make your own if you’re willing to spend a little time and effort to make a one of a kind project.

An easy project you can make is a homemade wall lamp. It may sound complicated, but with a few simple wiring tools that can be easily purchased at any home improvement store, you can get this done and have a unique lamp to boast.

Here’s how to make a homemade wall lamp.

  • Prepare your materials. You will need a wide mouth jar, a light bulb, a lamp adapter, wall bracket, lamp shade and items you want to use for decoration. Some examples are shells, marbles and colored crystal beads. For the shade, you can use a clear glass plate, a hurricane glass lampshade or other interesting object that can cast shadows. It’s best to purchase a pre-assembled lamp adaptor so you only have to worry about the design and not the wiring.
  • Clean out the jar. You will need to clean out the jar before you can use it. Choose a jar that has a wide mouth such as a quart-sized canning jar. Once it is clean and dry, you can fill the jar with decorative items. Colored glass beads lend a nice touch. If you like, you can hot glue some beads, marbles or other interesting items right on the jar.
  • Screw on the adapter. Make sure the lamp adapter your purchased can fit the mouth of the jar. Screw it on the jar. Once the adapter is secure, you can now screw the light bulb. Once the bulb is in, you can now place the glass hurricane shade. If you want to use a glass plate or other decorate piece so that the lamp casts back lighting, glue the item on the side of the adaptor.
  • Mount the lamp bracket. Your wiring must be prepared so you can attach the lamp to the wall. Install the lamp bracket to the wall making sure that the wiring is connected properly and safely. You may want to ask the help of an electrician to make sure it’s done correctly. If you want something simpler, install the wall mount near and electric outlet so you can simply plug in the lamp once it is mounted.
  • Place the lamp on the bracket. When you know the bracket is secure, you can now put the lamp jar on the resting plate of the lamp bracket. The lamp is now ready to be used and can be plugged to an electrical outlet to turn it on.

Creating a homemade wall lamp can be fun and easy. The finished product can be a showcase to your imagination, creativity and unique personality. It’s sure to be a conversation piece and center of attraction to any space. Best of all, knowing that you made the lamp yourself will surely give you a sense of pride as you decorate your home.


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