How To Make a Kissing Ball

There are many different reasons and cultures explaining the reason for having kissing balls. Americans, generally equate kissing balls to mistletoes as evident in a modern Christmas carol. Kissing balls are made of evergreens, holly, ivy and mistletoe sprigs. You may also use roses and pine cones to add color and texture to the kissing balls. A kissing ball is a staple during the holiday seasons.

  • Choose the core of the ball. You can use either a Styrofoam sphere or a sponge sphere. A Styrofoam ball can be easier to find and easier to work with, if you are not planning to keep your kissing ball fresh for a long time this is a good option for you. If you are planning to display or hang your ball, you may want to use a sponge sphere, you can buy it readily made from flower shops but may be more expensive than your standard block. They are also not available in most shops. If you purchase a sponge block, you can easily create a sponge sphere. Cut the block around the middle, this will give you a square sponge block. Cut out the edges of the block. Turn the block over and cut the other edges. Continue cutting the edges until you get a sphere like shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect since you are going to cover it with plant material. Determine how big you want your kissing ball. Just imagine that the ball will have an extra 2-4 in with the plant material you are going to cover it with.
  • Wrap in greens. You can use a holly to cover your ball or some sheet moss, the latter being easier to wrap it with. Wrap the ball with your chosen material and set in place using bent copper wires (shape them into U’s) or flat pins. Cut the pins or wires so that they are around the size of the radius of the core. Also wrap with some ivy, don’t overdo the wrapping, just enough to give some texture. You can also spray the ball with hair spray to keep the greens in place.
  • Make the arrangement. Cut the stalks of your flowers or sprigs of mistletoe into appropriate length. Do diagonal cuts to allow water to seep in the stalks for a longer shelf life. Insert one stalk or sprig at a time until you cover the whole ball. If it’s going to be carried, fill with flowers. If you are going to hang it, just use enough to give some color and texture. You may also choose to attach some pine cones if you like.
  • Finish with ribbon. Use a red flat ribbon to add some more color into the ball. Determine the length of the ribbon based on its purpose. Use a shorter sized ribbon for hanging. Use copper wire to pin the ribbon into the ball. You can also fit the ribbon between the flowers and mistletoes. Use a longer ribbon and pin at the middle, use the extra ribbon to wrap around the ball.

This is a fun décor in your home and also a good addition to parties and gatherings when the holiday season comes. It can also be used on weddings for flower girls to carry. Creating a kissing ball is cheap and easy to do. Try it.


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