How To Make a Knife Out of a Planer Blade

Planer blades are used in a hand planer. Hand planers are used to shave and shape wood. The blade is a good piece of metal that has carbon. Carbon steel is tough, yet malleable and can be found in good knives and swords like a katana or samurai. They can retain its sharp form for years. A planer blade can be fashioned into very durable knife. You can do it yourself as an experiment or a project and fashion your own unique knife.

  • Cut the desired length of the blade. Determine the length of the blade that you want. If it is going to be a utility knife, you can have a 4 to 6 inch blade. Remember to add around 2 to 3 in to attach to the knife’s handle. Once you determine the size of the knife you want, cut the metal by using a band saw that has a metal cutter attachment blade. You can also use a hack saw or a power jigsaw. Cut the top of your blade to a desired angle. Around 45 degrees should work well. You can also use a cold chisel to cut through a hot metal. This method requires you to heat the area of the planer blade you want to cut.
  • Drill holes. On the other end of the metal planer blade strip drill two holes that will be used to attach to the handle. Measure the length of the planer blade to be inserted in the wooden handle. Pick a solid hard wood that to use as a handle. Cut the handle shape and size that you want. Align the planer blade on top of the wooden handle and mark the area of the holes. Drill the holes using your power driller. Mark the middle of the wood so that it sandwiches the blade. Use a power saw to remove the middle part of the handle. Smoothen your wood handle using a middle-grade sandpaper. Use a low-grade sandpaper to finish the wood. Coat the handle with water-proofing if desired, this elongates the life of the wood.
  • Sharpen the knife. Use a grinder to set the angle of the blade. You can set the angles at 30 degrees on both sides. Finish honing the knife on a leather grinder or sharpening too. Always grind or sharpen away from you. Be careful to avoid any accidents. Use an emery paper to buff the sides of the blade.
  • Assemble. Place the blade inside the wood that you have prepared earlier. Make sure that it is a snug fit. Align the holes on the blade and on the handle and attach the rivets. Use the right size rivets to avoid them from protruding on the handle.

When working with steel, be careful as a lot of accidents can occur. Be sure to wear proper protective gear. Wear a pair of goggles as well to avoid shards of metal that may find its way to your eyes. Make sure you know around your way about working with power tools.


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