How To Make a Large Work Table

Building a large work table is not difficult. If you have a little bit of Do-It-Yourself experience, you probably can build a table in an afternoon. Most work tables include two shelves, although you can build more if need be, and at least one pop-up table built into the top of the structure. Ideally, your table will also have casters or wheels so it can easily be rolled, and if you want you can include attachments for several of your tools. The materials for this table are not terribly expensive, although you may need to spend about $500 to get enough wood to make the table as large as you need it to be. Once you have the perfect table for you, you can place it in your work area and use it to work on other projects, so this is something worth doing if you can spare the time and money.

When making any kind of table, you need to begin with the foundation, in this case a frame.

  1. Determine the height and width of your proposed table.
  2. You will use 2 x 4 boards to create the top and bottom of your table frame; put together as many of these boards as needed to create the proper width table.
  3. Then cut 4 x 4 posts to the proper height and attach them to the inside corner of the top frame.
  4. For extra sturdiness, you can put 2 x 4 blocks inside the bottom shelf of the frame before putting the frames together.

Once your frame is complete, you next need to construct the pop-up table.

  1. Measure and cut a base out of plywood.
  2. Attach this base to the inside of the frame using hinges.
  3. Next, install brackets for the table supports.
  4. Finally, measure and cut another piece of plywood for the table top.
  5. Once the plywood top is cut to the proper size, you just need to make a square hole in the top frame. Bolt your jigsaw to the table top and use it to make a perfect square.

Your work table is almost finished now. Sand the entire table to make sure that everything is smooth and free of splinters. If you wish, you can make a second pop-up table on the side of your work table. Attach casters to the bottom of your table so you can easily roll it to whatever area you want to use it in.

Making a large work table can be an enjoyable project, because you can literally see the table grow into what you want it to be as you work. It takes only a few steps to make a frame and a pop-out table, and you can customize the table however you want once the basic work is done.


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