How To Make a Latch for a Wooden Fence Gate

If you have a wooden fence gate and you want to secure it with a latch, consider building this attachment yourself. There are simple ways of undertaking this project and with minimal requirements, and you wouldn’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars for a professional job you can adequately do yourself.

  • Prepare the required materials. For this project, you will need the following materials: a rectangular piece of wood board measuring about one inch wide, and two inches high (the length will depend upon the size of your gate); a drill; screws; a 3-inch galvanized nail; a hammer; a screwdriver; tape measure; and a pencil. It’s best that you get a wood board that’s left over from the material used to make the fence, so that your entire fence will be uniform in appearance.
  • Mark the areas where the latch will be extended. Use the pencil to mark the middle of the fence post (which is the stationary part of the fence, and which is the one that connects to the gate). Using your tape measure, make a pencil mark from the very edge of the gate (the side which connects to the fence post) to six inches going to the middle. Measure the total number of inches that separate the two marks; this will be the length of wood board that you will need.
  • Another word: make sure that you make the markings at a height of the gate that will be comfortable for you to reach. Also remember to make the markings on the side of the gate where you want the lock to be placed; in other words, at the side of the gate which faces your property.
  • Position the latch onto the markings. One edge of the latch (the wooden board) will extend from six inches into the gate, to halfway of the fence post. Make sure that you attach it in a level position. To secure the latch, drill a hole on its middle part. This part should meet the gate, not the stationary fence post. Use your screwdriver to drive in the screw to secure the latch. You should end up with a latch that could be rotated upwards and downwards to keep the gate closed. Make sure that the screw is attached very securely so that the latch won’t loosely swing up and down, but that it can still be rotated freely.
  • Drive the nail onto the fence post. To make sure that your latch stays in position, place a nail onto the fence post at a position where you want your latch to rest on. Since you have a three-inch nail, you could drive it only 1.5 inches onto the post so that the remaining 1.5 inches is sticking out. Try it out and see if the latch can be secured on top of this nail so that the gate will stay in a locked position.

There you have it! These are the simplest steps to make a latch for your wooden fence gate. You can allot about two to three hours for this project. And the best part is, you didn’t pay for a professional to work on this, when it’s very easy for you to do it yourself! Good luck, and hope this helped!


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