How To Make a Leaded Glass Panel

Combine glass and lead to create artful windows at home or elsewhere. You can apply designed patches that are not limited to flowers and butterflies; put larger pieces together as well. These elaborate patterns are rather made out of a straightforward procedure. All you need are glasses, lead, and carpentry tools to get started. Below are the steps with which you can start off.

  • Pull off a pattern. A simple mosaic of colors and glasses works great for starters. It is easy to put up, like straight lines. But if you are seeking creative challenge, then a more complicated patchwork is your thing.
  • Draw a dummy. After deciding on what to design your window panel with, it is time to make a dummy out of your pattern. Trace two copies: one for your glass-block cutting and another for piecing together. Number individual cuts to help you with the arrangement later. Cut the pieces using special scissors, which you can buy from the local arts and crafts shop. This custom pair of cutters makes room for lead placing in between blocks.
  • Cut the glass. Get the glass you purchased for this project. Dust it off with a cloth or newspaper. In tracing the pattern on the glass, you should be keen in keeping the contour of the cuts. Take your glass cutter and start working on the material into blocks or shapes.
  • Grind glass edges. Number the glass pieces and indicate their orientation with an arrow. This will make the assembly part much easier. Grind the edges of the blocks to put them in perfect shape. Wipe them clean after grinding.
  • Apply lead starting from the bottom borders. Put cast lead in right angles on the bottom edges of the panel. Use a special cutter for trimming the lead came. Use custom nails to put lead into place.
  • Build your glass design. Place one block at a time, from the bottom up of the panel. Just by looking carefully during the building process, you can make sure you leave an evenly measured space for the next block.
  • Work on the top borders. After placing all the glass pieces onto the panel, repeat Step 5.
  • Finish the project. Make sure you are working in an environment that is safe and conducive for smoldering. Use smoldering iron on all the glass sides that have been attached to lead. Check the smoothness of the glasswork and work on anything that needs fixing. Apply paste cement onto cracks to keep the leaded glass held together firmly. For the finishing touches, clean your artwork with a brush, wipe with car wax, and suspend it with a clasp.

There you have it—an easy-to-follow procedure in building a leaded glass artwork. This panel will surely give your gardens and windows a lovely, new look. Doing this project seems to be a rewarding kind of experience, too. Besides, there is always the chance to show your project to guests and tell them a story or two about this fantastic artwork of yours that is just at the garden or over the window.


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