How To Make a Leather Headboard

Headboards let you read, have breakfast, or simply relax in your bed. It has its remarkable contribution to the room ambience, too. When it comes to types, a leather headboard rushes past the others to the top of the list. It is synonymous to classic, comfortable, and convenient. Plus, you can build it right in your place. Here is how.

  • Prepare materials and measurements. Aside from plywood, leather, and batting rolls, you need basic stuff such as adhesive, brackets, screws and drivers, and staple gun. The materials can be purchased online. You can scour local home improvement stores for them, as you check out for tools as well. If you purchase plywood from the local shop, it can be cut to size without an extra charge. Prior to your shopping, determine the size of your bed. Here are standard measurements for all bed sizes: twins – 39 inches wide, full size – 54 inches, queen size – 60 inches, and king size – 72 inches. Add two inches to each side of your bed and you will get the width you need for your headboard. The additional inches are for the overhang.
  • Mount the plywood on the wall. This has to be done before covering the panel with leather. Decide how high you want to hang the headboard. Recline the plywood on the wall to determine where you are going to position the brackets. Remember those positions by marking them on the edge of the plywood. Test by mounting the headboard on the brackets after placing the brackets on the wall.
  • Cover the plywood with batting. Take a sheet of batting and add three inches to the plywood’s perimeter to cover the edges. Place the headboard on the ground with the bracketed side facing down. Spray adhesive onto the ply-board. Make sure your room has enough ventilation when you use an adhesive. Fill then the surface of the panel with a sheet of batting. Wait until the adhesive dries.
  • Wrap the leather onto the board. With the right side of the leather facing the floor, lay the headboard onto the leather with the batting facing onwards. Make sure the panel will be centered within the leather. Pull the ends of the leather together to make sure it fits the board as it presses in the batting. Staple the parts of the leather nearest to the plywood edges. Punch the next staple on the leather after skipping ¼ inch. Maintain those quarter-inch spaces between staples until you got the entire panel covered with leather. Flip the headboard and mount it back on the wall.

There are a few more things to consider in making your own leather headboard. Your leather and batting supplies can be bought in merchandise stores online or locally. It is recommended that you come up with a design before purchasing. And either way, you should learn how to strike the best deal. You are also advised to do this procedure in the comforts of your bedroom, but make sure that your working area is properly ventilated. Working with strong adhesives is not good in closed areas.


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