How To Make a Lined Valence

A window valence is a treatment that is added to windows in order to make it more appealing. The window valance sits in front of the upper window frame. They are usually short in length. Some people hang fabric and curtains around the window valence. Others use the valence by itself. One thing you can do to your window valence is make it lined. This will definitely improve the way your window looks.

Here are the steps on how you can make a lined window valence:

  1. Measure your windows. The first thing to do is to measure the width of the window valence that you want to install. You need the right measurement so that you can purchase the correct length of fabric that you are going to use for the window.
  2. Purchasing fabric. After you have measured the width of your window, it is now time to purchase the fabric that you are going to use. You will need a fabric for the liner and one for the window valence itself. It is advisable to choose a dark or patterned color for the main fabric and sheer or softer color for the liner. Make sure that you purchase extra allowance for the fabric of at least several inches. This allowance is for the shrinkage of the fabric. It is best to wash the fabric first before you install it on your window.
  3. Making the valence liner. Once the fabrics have been washed and dried, you can already start to install the lined valence. Cut the fabrics according to the width of your valence and add a few inches on each side. Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to attach the fabric and the liner together. Sew on both sides and on top. If you are using a curtain rod, make an allowance on top portion of the fabric so that you can easily slide in the curtain rod.
  4. Installing the valence. After sewing and making the necessary adjustments, the next thing for you to do is to attach the lined valence on your window. If you are using a curtain rod, you can easily slip the liner through the rod and fix the liner with the curtains. Just attach the liner to the window valence and viola! You have your very own lined window valence!

These are the easy steps that you can follow in order for you to make a lined window valence. Now, you can easily make your own lined valence or even your own window curtains. You won’t have to purchase expensive ready-made curtains and lined valence. You can just create them on your own.

When you have mastered how to make lined valence and window curtains, you can start to make a business out of it. Start by doing window accessories for your friends and family and afterwards, you can already start to do it for other people in the neighborhood too! This is a great way for you to show your skills and creativity.


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