How To Make a Lolly Topiary Ball

A lolly topiary ball is the next best thing to caring for high maintenance plants and keeping a very pleasurable sight in your home or office. This is why many people are resorting to making their own topiary ball, in the pursuit of getting the right décor and some relaxing “green” for the room without the hassle of watering and other things expected of a live plant. You may be wondering how you can fill your room with lovely topiary balls. Here are the steps to making your very own lolly topiary ball.

  1. Prepare the materials. This includes the pot or planter, clay, a sturdy branch, glue gun and glue sticks, some silk flowers and artificial leaves. This will help make the work faster because you already have everything prepared at the outset. Choose a well-lit working space for making your lolly topiary ball so that you will not have to strain yourself.
  2. Decide on your florist ball decorations. You must first decide on how your florist ball will look like. What exact silk flowers will you be putting? Implement a theme if at all possible, and then make sure that you have enough flowers to fill up the florist ball. You can do this by draping the design loosely on the ball to see how much it will cover.
  3. Prepare the clay bedding on your planters. Glue the bedding on the planter or container of your choice. Make sure that this is fastened well because this will serve as the very base of your structure. Even out the surface so that the stem will be able to stand well in it later.
  4. Test the glue strength with a dummy ball and stem. The dummy ball and stem must be fastened well together because the décor you will place lies in their strength. Glue any edges of the stem that remains unattached so that it will stay in place. You can check glue strengths by trying it on with a dummy ball and stem first. 
  5. Connect the stem and the florist ball together. Finally, when you have achieved the glue strength that you prefer, connect the true stem and florist ball together. Make sure that you are able to place in the optimum glue strength that you have previously figured out. 
  6. Enhance the clay bedding by placing moss to achieve a natural effect. Clay bedding is usually unattractive. Unless you want a bare lolly, attach moss on the sides of your container and the surface of the clay bedding. Make sure that you put in a lot of moss to make it look as natural as possible.
  7. Carry out your florist ball décor and fill the ball until it is no longer visible to the eye. Refer to your design option for your florist ball and carry them out accordingly. Be very careful in doing this, as you are already dealing with the whole lolly structure. Make sure that you are careful when as you use the glue gun to fasten the floral elements together.

You can most definitely enjoy your lolly topiary ball better if you are able to consistently perfect your topiary-making skill with practice. Check the overall appearance of your topiary ball with the other elements in your room’s design. Also, practice a lot so that you will be able to reinvent the topiary ball designs from time to time.


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