How To Make a Massage Table

Making your own massage table may not be as easy as getting a massage in a parlor, but it certainly is worth the hassle for the savings you can incur in the long run – both in time, money and effort. You may think that building one table from scratch may be difficult and bordering impossible. But it is not. All you have to do is look for a desired table design, purchase the right materials from the best available vendor, follow the step by step instructions and you will certainly have your personalized massage table in no time.

Below is a detailed instruction on how to get you started with your very own massage table. For starters, here are the things that you will need to purchase: upholstery, hardware, wood, wood glue, adhesive, foam spray, plastic sealing tape, power tools, and complete carpentry tools.

  • Table. Purchase a 60-in square Baltic Birch plywood. Cut into two at the middle just for easier manipulation while constructing the massage table. Label one as Table A and another Table B. Table A is for the head and upper body while Table B is for the lower extremities. Bore a 6x6 inch round hole in Table A. This corresponds to the “face hole” you look into when being massaged in a prone position.
  • Padding. The more padding you put, the better shock absorbing capacity. Using Hi-Tack foam spray adhesive, attach a ½-inch thick carpet padding, followed by a 2-inch thick upholstery foam. Put additional foam cushion to the area of the face hole.
  • Legs. Straight-grained hardwood is the preferred material for the legs of the massage table since this type of wood is very strong and is resistant to varying pressures during a massage. Refer to the instruction booklet provided with regards to the specific instructions. Follow the directions carefully in order to ensure safety of the massage bed.
  • Table top. Ideally, you should be working in a warm room so that the vinyl covering will be more flexible. Attach the vinyl covers to the table, making start from the center and slowly moving outwards. Do this so that you may be able to pull the vinyl taut. After stretching from all sides, start stapling the vinyl onto the laminated table skirt. Just to be sure, staple all sides. Using a single-edge razor, cut away the excess vinyl.
  • Assembly. Finally, put the massage table together. Begin with the legs and the upper-center braces. Then, put the table halves together by clamping the two ends together. Screw the predrilled holes before releasing the clamp. Then install the leg assemblies.

There you have it! Massage table at the comfort of your home. To ensure the safety of the table, please make sure you have somebody with you on your first attempt at lying on the table. As for the masseuse, instruct him/her to apply pressure gradually so as not to induce accidents had the table been mistakenly assembled. Other than these, you are free to enjoy your massage table day in day out!


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