How To Make a Miniature Greenhouse

Plants are one of the most important living things on the planet. We should learn to take good care of them. Plants help beautify the world we are living in. They are essential in keeping us healthy and alive.

If you are fond of taking care of plants, but you do not have enough space to breed them in all kinds, you may build a miniature greenhouse. This may serve as the home of your chosen plants.

Here are the steps on how to make a miniature greenhouse:

  1. Get the right container. A food container is the most ideal container for a miniature greenhouse. Just make sure that the container has enough depth for the growth of the seedling you want to take care of.
  2. Clean the container. Wash the container. Clean it thoroughly with bleach and warm soapy water. The bleach will remove any fungus or bacteria growing on the container. Let it dry after washing.
  3. Put holes at the bottom of the container. Punch little holes to make drainage for the water.
  4. Put soil in the container. After you have already punched little holes in the bottom of the container, you may put potting soil in it. Just put enough soil for the seed to grow.
  5. Prepare the seeds for planting. Choose the seeds that you want to plant for your miniature greenhouse. Put the seeds in warm water for a few hours. The seeds need to be soaked before you plant them.
  6. Plant the seeds in the soil. After the seeds had been soaked in warm water for a few hours, you may now plant them in the container filled with soil. Bury them in between the top of the soil and the bottom of the container.
  7. Water the soil after planting. After you have buried the seeds in an appropriate depth in the soil, you need to spray a little water to it.
  8. Keep the seedling moist. Make sure that the seedling is kept moist. If the soil or the seedling is dry, spray a little water to moisten it. 
  9. Put the container in a warm place. There are some seeds that develop in dark areas. Some seeds need sun to grow. But all the same, seeds need warmth to grow. For seedlings that do not need sun to develop, you may put them on top of warm areas such as the top of the refrigerator.
  10. Check ventilation of the place. Make sure that the containers are located in warm places with enough ventilation so that the air may flow through. Plants need air to survive, too. If there is not enough ventilation, the seedlings may die.
  11. Transfer the growing plants in a bigger container. If the plants have already grown, it is best that you transfer them to a bigger container. Or better yet, transfer the plants in the garden if they are already big enough.

Just regularly visit your plants. Take good care of them by keeping the plants warm and watered. Show off your miniature greenhouse to your friends. You may inspire them in making one for them.


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