How To Make a Mosaic Bird Bath

A bird bath is a nice decorative item to have in your garden, especially if there are plenty of birds fluttering around in your neighborhood. Most bird baths come in plain and simple designs that don’t stand out. If you want to have a unique bird bath, you can make a mosaic bird bath out of ceramic bowls or tiles that you no longer use.

These are the instructions in making a mosaic bird bath:

  • Items that you need. The items that you need are ceramic tiles or pots, a tile cutter, hammer, bird bath, tile glue, grout sponge, sealant, safety goggles and work gloves. You can find these items from your local hardware store.
  • Preparation. Before you start, wear the safety goggles and the work gloves. Prepare the tile pieces that you are going to use for the bird bath. Look for a wide open space where you can break your tiles and ceramic pots. Use the hammer to break your items into smaller pieces. To prevent damaging the tiles, wrap them around a towel before hammering. Set the tiles aside when you are happy with the size of the pieces.
  • Design your mosaic. Get the size of your bird bath. Lay down a newspaper on the ground and draw the size of your bird bath. Lay down the mosaic pieces on the shape that you drew. This will be your guide for making the mosaic. Lay down the pieces one by one to achieve the design that you want for your mosaic.
  • Attach the mosaic pieces. Now you can attach the mosaic pieces to the bird bath. Use the tile glue to do this. Put some glue at the back of the mosaic pieces and stick them one by one on the bird bath. Allow the glue to dry completely before doing the next step.
  • Use grout on cracks. Once the glue is dry, you can apply grout on the bird bath. Mix the grout by following the instructions on the package. Use a putty knife to spread the grout evenly over the bird bath and make sure that you have the entire surface covered. Allow the grout to dry. This can take up to a day or two.
  • Remove the excess grout. Remove the excess grout on the birdbath by using a sponge. Dip the sponge in water and squeeze out the excess water. Wipe the entire surface of the bird bath until you can clearly see the design of your mosaic.
  • Spread the sealant. The next step is to spread sealant all over the surface of the bird bath. This will protect the tiles. Leave the bird bath to allow the sealant to dry. Read the instructions on how long it will take. When the sealant dries, you can already fill the bird bath with water.

Now you know how to make a mosaic bird bath. The steps are really easy and you can improve the look of your garden with this piece that you made.


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