How To Make a Mosaic Birdbath

A mosaic birdbath is a great way to beautify your garden. You can purchase mosaic birdbaths from the store but this can be expensive. An alternative is to make your own mosaic birdbath. By making your own mosaic birdbath, you have total control on the design of the mosaic. This will not cost you as much as buying a mosaic birdbath. Just follow the step-by-step instructions that are provided below to start making your mosaic birdbath.

Follow these steps in making a mosaic birdbath:

  • Purchase the materials you need. The materials that you need for making a birdbath are a birdbath base, some mosaic tiles, ceramic glue, grout, grout sealer and a sponge. Purchase these items from a hardware store near you.
  • Mount the birdbath. If you already have a birdbath in your garden, you can skip this step. If not, dig a whole in your garden and mount your birdbath in place. You can follow the instructions that came with the birdbath that you purchased.
  • Create a design for the birdbath. Spread out your mosaic tiles on a wide surface. Make sure that the tiles are facing up so that you can see the colors and designs on each tile. Try and make a design or a pattern out of the tiles that you have. Make sure that your design fits the shape and size of the birdbath that you have. Making a design can be trail and error. Mix up the tiles a few times until you are happy with the mosaic that you have.
  • Glue the mosaic pieces on the birdbath. Now you can glue the ceramic pieces on the surface of the birdbath. Use just enough glue at the back of each mosaic tile so that the glue won’t spill over when you press down the mosaic pieces on the birdbath. Finish gluing all the pieces to the birdbath. Leave the birdbath for a day or until the glue dries.
  • Apply some grout. The next step is to apply grout on the spaces between the mosaic tiles. Mix the grout according to the steps provided at the back of the package. Use a spreader to spread the grout on the surface of the birdbath. Make sure that you get every space filled with grout. Let the grout dry for a few days.
  • Wipe off the excess grout. Wipe off the excess grout by using a wet sponge and a basin of water. Just wipe the sponge on the surface and you will be able to remove the smudges on the tiles. Do this until you can clearly see each tile.
  • Apply grout sealer. The last step is to apply grout sealer on the surface of the birdbath. Just spread the sealer evenly on the birdbath and allow it to dry. Wait a few days for the sealer to dry before you put some water on the birdbath.

Now you have a mosaic birdbath to decorate your garden. You can create many other decorative items that you can place in your garden such as water fountains, bird cages, etc.


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