How To Make a Mosaic Table

Mosaic tables are works of art, and one of the most popular examples of the mosaic art form. It would be a fine addition to one’s home, both as furniture and decoration. You don’t have to spend much to buy one because you could make one yourself. All one needs is a little patience, ingenuity, and creativity to make such a work of art. Making a mosaic table with a group of friends would be fun, as well.

What you need:

  • A sturdy table that could handle the weight of the tiles
  • A copper rim 1-2 cm deep the same circumference as the table, copper nails, hammer
  • Mosaic tiles (Venetian tiles are recommended and are easier to use)
  • Tile cutter
  • Putty knife
  • Tile grout
  • Cement glue, adhesive
  • Safety goggles, dust mask
  1. Prepare the table. Nail the copper rim around the edge of the tabletop with each nail hammered every half inch interval. There should be a depth of about a quarter or a half inch for the adhesive and tiles that are to be placed later on.
  2. Plan your design. You can use any image or pattern that you find appealing. Once you’ve decided with that pattern, trace the design on the table’s surface 
  3. Prepare the tiles. Choose the color of tiles to use, and then start breaking them into smaller pieces to be used in the design. Wear safety goggles while using the cutter to cut the tiles into particular shapes, to protect yourself from the bits of debris.
  4. Start filling in the design. Start arranging the broken tiles on the tabletop to make the design, leaving about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of space between. Have the larger tile pieces placed around the edge of the design, and have the smaller ones form the patterns in the middle areas. Continue until pattern is complete. Then, apply glue or adhesive to the tile pieces onto their designated places and wait for it to dry.
  5. Apply the grout. Mix the grout according to the manufacturer’s instructions and, using a putty knife or your own fingers, spread the grout between the tiles on the design. If there is any grout caught on the surface of the tiles, use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe it clean before the grout dries. Be sure to wear a dust mask while doing this step to be safe.
  6. Let the table dry. Wait for at least a week before the end result, and then apply a layer of silicon grout sealer to finish.

There is also an indirect method of making a mosaic table, where whatever was designed would appear backwards when finished. This method follows the same instructions mentioned earlier, but the mosaic design is first placed on a sheet of paper the same size as the tabletop. After the tiles are glued and the grout applied on the paper, the tile design is flipped over and placed over the table with an adhesive (hence the backwards design). The paper is then removed after letting the adhesive settle, and any gaps in the grouting are to be filled in with more grout before the product is done.


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