How To Make a Mosquito Net Canopy

Mosquito net canopies do more than just keep mosquitoes out while you’re sleeping. These also give a nice romantic touch and charm to your bedroom. You can buy these net canopies at furniture shops or camping stores. However, you can also make one on your own from scratch and it is fairly simple and moderately easy to make.

What you need:

  • Mosquito netting. The size depends where you want the canopy and how high your ceiling or wall is.
  • Ceiling hook/s, scones, or curtain rings with clips
  • Ladder, or stool
  • Measuring tape
  • Needles, thread, pins
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  1. Take measurements. Using the stool or ladder, measure the distance between the ceiling or wall to know where your net canopy reaches. The latter option if a ceiling-mount net canopy is not possible. If you want the canopy to just reach the top of your bed or to the floor, then measure its distance from the ceiling to there. Also measure how much of the bed you want to cover, so you can determine the net canopy’s size for later.
  2. Prepare the net canopy. Buy mosquito net material from your local fabrics store if you don’t have one, and make sure that its size corresponds with the measurements you made earlier. Be sure to leave a couple of feet of allowance on all sides. Decide on the color and material. Polyester is recommended because if its durability for this application. Add or trim material if needed.
  3. Attach the ceiling hooks or scones. Using the stool or ladder again, attach the hook to the ceiling so it is above the middle of the bed. Make sure that it is attached securely so it wouldn’t fall off due to the weight of the net canopy. Attach more than one if you need to. At most three would suffice. If hanging from the ceiling is not possible for you, you can attach the scones to the wall over your bed.
  4. Attach the net canopy. There are a variety of ways to attaching the net canopy to the ceiling or wall. If you use the net canopy by itself, spread it out, find the center of the netting and mark it with a pencil. Using the ladder or stool, attach the marked spot on the ceiling hook. If you are using curtain rings, find the center of the netting after spreading it out and fold it lengthwise. Attach one curtain ring to the center spot, and attach another four about one inch away from and around the center point. Attach the curtain rings to the ceiling hook. If you are using the wall mounted version, feed the length of the netting through the scones and spread out the material so it falls on both sides of the bed.
  5. Add finishing touches. You can choose to have plain netting or add some designs. You can also hem the bottom and sides of the material with decorative stitches for extra decor.

A mosquito net canopy adds a romantic touch and ambiance to your bedroom, giving a feeling of drama into your decor. This can also be a functional addition to your bed, if you live in tropical or warm areas with lots of unwanted mosquitoes and bugs. Turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat with this exotic accessory. The effort of making the netting will be worth it.


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