How To Make a No Sew Roller Window Shade Treatment

Do you have a plain colored roller window shade at home and you feel like it is giving the room a dull feel? Does it make the room look drab and ugly? Do you want it to look colorful but do not have the inclination or skill to sew? Do not fret. There are a few ideas that you can make to make your roller shade look pretty. Roller window shades are very easy to mount and are very functional, but they just look boring. This article will give you some ideas on how to make a roller window shade treatment without making use of a sewing machine.

  • Choose the fabric. Choose the right kind of fabric that will adhere to the roller shade. Choose a design and color that will complement the design of the room where the roller shade is. You do not want the shade look out of place with the wrong color and design. Spray adhesive is the best one you can use because it is not messy. You can buy one in hardware or craft stores. Beads, sequins and lace can also be utilized to add accent to your custom shade.
  • Remove the roller shade from its mount. You cannot work properly if the roller shade is still mounted. Place it on the floor, unrolling the shade and removing any creases before spraying the spray adhesive. Make sure that you wipe it clean of dust and dirt before spraying on the adhesive.
  • Cut the fabric. Measure the size of the window shade that will be covered. Add another inch to give you allowance. Spray the adhesive onto the roller shade and put the fabric over the shade, careful not to crease the fabric. It will look ugly if there are creases after it has been adhered to. Smooth the fabric as you go to avoid this. Cut the excess fabric at the edges.
  • Add accent to your roller shade. You can put bead or sequin trimmings on the edges of the shade. Ordinary glue will do the work. Let it dry before you put the roller shade back on the window. You can also use tassels, lace or other materials that will suit your preference. Be creative.

Making your custom roller window shade does not only block out the sunlight and make your room colorful and pretty, it is one of a kind that you cannot find in a home store as well. You will be the only one to have that design and no one else. If you have multiple roller window shades at home, you can customize all of them. Choose different fabric designs to suit the design of a particular room.

There are also other ways that you can customize your roller shades. You can use paint to draw designs on the shade, you can use sequins or beads or you can use stencils or stamps to make your roller shade fashionable and useful. You only have to be creative in designing your roller window shade.


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