How To Make a No Sew Window Cornice

Do you have bland, dull, plain looking house interiors? With a bit of creativity you and can transform your dull looking interiors with a window cornice. It is an ornamental window topper that is made of wood and sometimes covered with fabric. It covers existing windows. It may also feature crown or custom moldings for versatility to fit any room décor. Your windows will surely end up looking tall and grand with your DYI window cornice. It is easy to make and you are guaranteed to have a fresh new look for your home. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Measurements. You need to measure the actual width of the window you want to decorate. Decide on the portion of the window you want covered or how high your window cornice will be. Remember to leave 2 inches to the width of each side to give an allowance for the sides of the cornice to be attached to the walls.
  • Make a pattern. This will lessen the chances of you making incorrect measurements when you cut the wood. Hold up the pattern against the wall to visualize how your cornice will look like and make necessary adjustments.
  • Cut the wood. Using a skill saw or electric saw, be extra careful in cutting the wood. Wear protective gloves and eye goggles. Then smoothen out the edges with sand paper to prevent little rough particles of the wood from sticking out. For your sidepieces, you need two more pieces of the same height as your window cornice but make these piece three to four inches wider.
  • Glue and then nail the box together. Apply the wood glue using a brush to the beveled edges. Use corner clamps in holding the piece together when securing it with nails. Attach the top cornice and the lower trim using the same glue and nail method.
  • Fabric covered or wooden window cornice? Just lay the chosen fabric by centering the wood and securing the sides with a staple gun. You may also use spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the wood. For wooden window cornice just apply a primer before you start painting it with your chosen color. If you want a detailed stain or natural wood finish use a Shellac or a polyurethane stain or spray lacquer.
  • Molding. Use a crown molding on top and trim molding at the bottom to dress up your window cornice. To make the perfect cut for crown moldings, use a back saw and miter box to make the angled corner cuts. Assemble the pieces together and you should have your window cornice or box assembled.
  • Install. The only thing left to do is hang your beautiful window cornice on the wall. Mark the wall so you know where to exactly nail. Use “L” brackets and screws to secure your cornice.

Now that you know the basics, get right on to making your window cornice. Whether it is traditional or custom design, it will always be an excellent choice for window coverings. Doing it your self will also bring in the “wow factor” into your home.


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