How To Make a Padded Headboard for a Bed

Padding on headboards have two functions namely as first, a decorative piece and second, protection for your head, if you accidentally bang it on the headboard. This is not a new invention and beds have had this design function for hundreds of years so if you see a bed without one, it is just that some bed-makers have opted not to include it. To acquire one you can of course just buy the headboard or buy a new bed with the headboard already attached. This will be expensive though. You can however make them yourself and save a little cash. Here is how to make a padded headboard for a bed:

  • Acquire the materials. The most important materials are your upholstery foam, batting (polyester or cotton), fabric and plywood. You will also need a staple gun, saws, scissors, pencils, paper and flush mounts (if necessary). Only begin when you have all the required materials at your disposal.
  • Plan the design. First thing you should do is plan your little do-it-yourself project before you starting cutting things off and fastening parts together. Decide whether you want to attach it to the bed, the wall or just want to operate on an existing headboard. What kind of fabric do you want to use and what kind of look are you going for? A good plan will help you be more efficient.
  • The base and cover. After you have figured out what you want to do exactly, you need to prepare your headboard before attaching the padding. If you are using an existing vacant headboard, there is not much you can do. Just make sure it is clean, has a nice finish and has an even surface. If you are going to cut out your own headboard, take the proper measurements, taking into account the bed, the wall and the padding. Cut it into the length, width and height you desire and sand it thoroughly. Apply spray adhesive so you can lay the upholstery foam on top of it. Make sure you attach it properly and that the two surfaces are touching each other completely.
  • The covering. For the covering, you need to take your fabric and polyester batting and fit those two together. Make sure that the fabric is slightly bigger than the batting, because you will need to stretch it over that, the padding and the headboard.
  • Assembling the whole thing. You want to line-up all the parts together correctly, with everything centered properly. Ask for help if you need to attach the fabric and batting to an upright headboard, however setting it on a flat surface makes things infinitely easier. You need to fold the fabric over everything and staple it tight to the back of the headboard. Make sure everything is even and taut. This is a tricky part so before you start applying the staples, everything is as it should be.

Making your own padded headboard will require a little carpentry, depending on how complex you want the headboard to be. However, all you need to do is to be committed, focused and ready to work and you should do just fine.


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