How To Make a Patio Umbrella from a Parachute

If you’re living in a city that has extreme temperatures then it’s great to have a patio umbrella in your backyard, garden, or garage for shade and to secure your equipments from extreme rain or heat. An unused parachute is a wonderful material to use as a patio umbrella. Parachutes are durable and rainproof so they will serve as effective patio umbrellas. Below are steps and guides on how to make a patio umbrella from a parachute.

  • Find an unused parachute. If you don’t have an unused parachute in your home, ask your friends if they have one, and ask them if they can give it to you or if you can buy it in a cheaper price. Visit parachute makers or parachute stores and ask if they are selling unused or pre-owned parachutes. Make comparative analysis so you can get the best quality with the lowest price possible.
  • List the instruction guidelines on how to make a patio umbrella from a parachute. It’s better if you can learn it by heart so you will save time in creating your patio umbrella. Make the instruction guidelines handy or post it in a wall in your garage or working area so you can easily see and check it.
  • Gather the materials needed in creating a patio umbrella from a parachute. The things that you need are 1 parachute with cords, 1 metal grommet with a diameter hole of 1 3/8, 1 steel pole with a diameter of 1 3/8; the steel pole must be 10 feet in height, 1 umbrella stand, hook screws or tent stakes, drill, and scissors.
  • Make a hole in the center of your parachute. The diameter of the hole must be 1 and 3/8 inches. Position the grommet or the eyelet inside the hole by using a hammer or grommet installation equipment.
  • Drill a 1 inch opening in the top of your 10 foot metal pole. Drill another 3 inches hole in the top of your metal pole. The holes must be huge enough so the bolts can easily slide in the pole.
  • Position a nut in the base hole. Slide the nut through the metal pipe. Use a half inch bolt on both sides of the metal pole. Ensure that the bolts in both ends of the pole are tight and in place.
  • Slide your parachute on your metal pole. Position another bolt in the other hole. Tightly attach the nut onto the bolt.
  • Lift the metal pole and let it slide into the bottom. Make the base screw tight to hold the metal pole in place.
  • Fix your patio umbrella into the ground of your preferred location. Attach the cords to a hook screw or tent stake that are fix into the ground so your patio umbrella won’t be easily move by wind or kids around your house. Angle the cords in a fix comfortable spot for every tent stake.

You can also create a patio umbrella from a parachute if you have a café shop so you can give a comfortable shade to your customers. Don’t assemble your patio umbrella during windy weather. Learning how to create things out of unused materials is a great way to save money. It is also a way to teach your kids to become economical and creative.


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