How To Make a Picture Wall Collage

A picture wall collage is a great way to display your favorite photos in a fun and interesting way. It certainly adds a visual point of interest to any space. With a collage of pictures, you can instantly view a lot of pictures instead of merely framing a few pieces.

Here’s how to make a picture wall collage.

Gather your pictures. The first thing you need to do if you want to make a collage is to get out your unframed pictures and start sorting. You need to see what kind of pictures you have to work with.

Determine a theme.
Once you have viewed the pictures, you should start thinking about a theme. For example, do you want to make a collage of all your college years or do you prefer a collage of all your family pictures? If you can’t choose just one, you may decide to divide the space into different areas with a specific theme each. For example, one side of the collage can be your children’s pictures, while another is a gathering of you and your spouse’s romantic times together.

Do a rough layout. Decide how big you want the collage to be. If you have a specific space in mind such as an exiting corkboard, make sure your collage doesn’t go over the boundaries of the space you will use. If you’re using an illustration board wherein to mount your pictures, start placing the pictures on it so you have an idea of the finished product. Don’t paste the pictures yet so you can move it around till you end up with a layout that satisfies you. If you’re using a heading  or any decorative borders for your collage, you can start writing out the words and cutting it out as well.

Cut out dead space. If you want to be able to put more pictures on your collage, cut out any dead space on the photos. For example, if you don’t need the background but only want to retain the people in the short, trim the side of the picture to make it fit your collage.

Glue together. Once you have planned out how you want your collage to look like, you can start gluing the pictures onto to the board. This can get quite tedious but just be patient and you’ll get it all done in no time. Avoid using too much glue on the outer ends of the pictures so you don’t have excess glue coming out from under the pictures as you paste it. Do the borders last.

Frame it. When you have completed the collage, you can now frame it. If you’re using a pre-made frame, simply slide in the frame to protect the collage. You also have the option of taking it to a professional framer. Finally, you can also simply mount the collage on your wall since you have put in on a stiff board anyway. To protect the pictures from fading or humidity, cover it with a layer of plastic sheet.

This project may take an afternoon to do but it’s sure to be fun, as each picture will bring back fond memories. Once you are done, you’ll have a grouping of pictures that you can gaze upon to help you reminisce about happy times in the past.


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