How To Make a Pillow-Top Headboard

Having pillow-top headboards can be comfortable and stylish at the same time. You do not need to buy an expensive one. You can even simply make one yourself to save on money. Making it can be a project for you to work on when you have nothing to do or when you get bored. Here are the steps for making a pillow-top headboard.

In making a pillow-top head board, you will need a measuring tape, foam (two inches wide), batting, scissors, yard stick, staple gun, staples, and plywood.

  • Measure your bedframe. In order for you to know how big the pillow-top headboard should be, you must first measure how wide your bedframe is. Then, you can already obtain a piece of plywood with the same width as that you have measured.
  • Decide how tall your headboard will be. A short headboard can be or is said to be more understated, while a tall headboard on the other hand can be the statement piece of the room itself.
  • Trim the piece of plywood next. The plywood should be trimmed into a rectangular shape that is of the same height as what you have decided on so that it surely will fit above the bed. Later on, you would need to mount the trimmed piece of plywood onto the bed frame, or even onto the wall if you prefer.
  • Trim the foam sheet. After working on the plywood, you can then start trimming the foam sheet into a size that would fit on the piece of plywood that you just trimmed. A pair of scissors or a box cutter may do the trick.
  • Cover the headboard and edges. A thin batting should be chosen for the job. The batting should be about one fourth of an inch thick, and should also be wide enough to cover the entire headboard. As soon as you finish laying out the batting for covering, smooth it out and staple it down onto the back part of the plywood. This is to secure and set the cover in place.
  • Wash and iron the fabric. After the fabric is washed and ironed, lay it over the headboard. You must smooth out the fabric before stapling it down so that it would be presentable enough. Stapling down the fabric will secure it in place.
  • Place mounting brackets. You can finish off your pillow-top headboard by adding or placing mounting brackets just right above your bed and then placing the headboard you made on the brackets.
  • Make legs for your headboard. This will be of help if you want to adjust how wide the headboard must be. This can be done by first measuring the height of your bed and headboard. Then you can cut two pieces of wood from a two-by-four. Afterward, sand down the legs and attach it to the sides of your headboard by nailing them. When done nailing, you can attach the legs to the bed frame. This can be done by marking and drilling. You must first mark the bolt holes found on your bed frame onto the headboard. Drill on the markings and start to attach and secure the legs to the bed frame with the use of screws and bolts.

Making a pillow-top headboard just as you like may not be that hard of a job after all. You have to be careful in all the measurements and even in the cutting so that you can obtain your wanted output.


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