How To Make a Pot Rack Out of a Ladder

If you have a small kitchen, a great way to decorate it is to give it a quaint, old country house vibe. This is much less inexpensive than you will think, because you can easily use old, pre-loved items as your decorative pieces. In fact, one of the key items you could use is an old wooden ladder that you can convert into a pot rack.

Want to give this project a try? Here are the steps for making a pot rack out of a ladder.

  • Prepare the materials. For this project, you will need, of course, a wooden ladder, four lengths of chain (the length of the chain will depend on the measurements you make later on), a tape measure, an electric drill, S-hooks, and four eye hooks. Make sure that your S-hooks can fit around the rungs of your ladder; these S-hooks will be where you will hang your pots and pans by their handles.
  • Determine where you will hang the ladder. It’s very important that you hang the ladder from ceiling joists; these are the spots from the ceiling where the ceiling is the sturdiest. You might want to consult a professional to help you determine where your ceiling joists are. You should also make sure that the spot where you hang your pot rack is somewhere that doesn’t have too much traffic (not right above the stove, for example).
  • Measure the height where you want your ladder positioned. From the ceiling, hold a tape measure downwards to where you want the ladder to hang horizontally. When determining the height where you want your ladder to be, remember to take into account the height to which your pots and pans will be suspended. The final height you want your ladder to hang from will be the length of chain that you need to purchase. Buy four pieces of chain with this length.
  • Decorate your ladder. Sandpaper your ladder to smooth its surface, and paint your ladder as you would like. Choose the color of your ladder depending on the overall decoration of your kitchen. You can also stain it or leave it as it is, for a more vintage, rustic feel.
  • Screw on eye hooks on the joists where the four ends of the ladder will be supported. Use a drill to place holes on the joists, and then by hand, secure the eye hooks to these holes. Make sure that the eye hooks are very sturdy.
  • Hang the ladder. There are many ways that you can hang your ladder. One way is to use chains and attach them using a metal clip chain connector, which you will then attach to the eye hooks on the ceiling. Another way is to use a very strong rope, which you will thread through the eye hook. The important thing is that you should make sure that the ladder is adequately supported even if it gets filled with heavy pots and pans.
  • Hang S-hooks by the rungs of the ladder. Simply attach S-hooks around the rungs of the ladder. These S-hooks will be where you will suspend the pots and pans.

There you have it! These are the steps to make a pot rack out of a ladder. This is really a great idea to organize your kitchen, and to make the most efficient use of your space.


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