How To Make a Printable Doorknob Hanger

Doorknob hangers are a good way to send out a message to people what your activity is, or to request privacy from family members. They are also nice decorations in your home. You can make one for every door in your house. Doorknob hangers are also great ideas for gifts to friends and family members, customizing the hangers according to the person’s personality and character. Here’s how you can make a printable doorknob hanger for yourself or for someone as a gift.

  • Gather the materials that you will need. Use hard paper for your doorknob hanger so it won’t easily tear. Construction paper is a good material for your doorknob hanger. You can also use colored pens, paint, stickers, glitters, pictures, etc. for other decorations. You will need scissors to cut out your doorknob hanger.
  • You can use the Paint application on your personal computer or you can use Adobe Photoshop for more templates and design choices.
  • Draw an outline of your doorknob hanger so you will know where to color and put your message. You can opt to color the background of the doorknob hanger on the computer or you can color it with paint or colored pen afterward.
  • Choose a font style that you like. Make sure that the letters are big enough to be read. Choose a bright font color to add more effect. You can place the message in the center or on top, or anywhere that can be easily seen.
  • There are clip art pieces that you can use to beautify your doorknob hanger even more. Choose designs that suit your message, for example, if your doorknob hanger says “Shhh...I’m sleeping,” you can add a sleeping person clip art on it.
  • If you are satisfied with the design of your doorknob hanger, get the printer ready. Make sure you have sufficient ink for your project. It is best to use colored ink for printing.
  • Now that you are done printing, you can add more design on your doorknob hanger. You can put pretty stickers or you can draw flowers or stars on the edges. Glitters are also nice add-ons for your doorknob hanger.
  • Cut the outline with the scissors. On top of the doorknob hanger, cut out a hole big enough to fit in the doorknob of your room. Make sure you cut in a straight line. Uneven lines don’t look good.
  • Laminate the doorknob hanger to harden it even more and to prolong its usefulness. If you do not laminate the doorknob hanger, it will easily get crumpled and torn, thus ruining it.

Making printable doorknob hangers is easy enough if you know how to use the different applications and software available on your computer. You can also search on the Internet for design templates to give you an idea on what to do. You also have the freedom to choose what to put on the doorknob hanger. You can customize the message according to your different activities.


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