How To Make a Quilt Cover

A quilt is generally a kind of bedding fashioned out of a number of fabric sheets meticulously sewed together, either by hand or with a machine, to create a padded, thick-layered textile product. For the final touch, a quilt is coated with a covering called the quilt top. This quilt cover is intended to accommodate embellishments, creative designs and decorative accents the quilter is privileged to add, and it usually ends up as wall designs and intricate floor mats for display, instead of it being a regular bed cover.

For whatever purpose you intend to create your very own quilt cover, what are required are simply your creative hands and limitless imagination. Below are a few good tips on how you can make a unique quilt cover.

  • Prepare the needed materials. You will need several old fabric sheets, blankets, thick sweaters, jeans and any type of clothes or personalized photos printed in fabrics. Remember that you will be doing a cover, so selecting the design or color of the material is mandatory. It’s good that you select those that have your personal touch. However you want the quilt cover to look like, it’s up to you. You will also need a measuring tape that measures a longer scope; pins, for pinning the design; a pair of scissors; and a sewing machine. There is one type of quilting and it uses the technique of tying. With this method, the quilt cover is made by hand. But this method is much more difficult than using a machine. In this article, however, you will be making a quilt cover through a sewing machine.
  • Measure the size of the quilt. Get the finished quilt and measure its width and length. Measure also the size of the bed so you can have an accurate measurement of how big the quilt cover should be. Make an allowance of 4 to 6 inches long from side to side for sewing purposes.
  • Prepare the quilt cover. Set your selected fabrics and other cutting materials. Measure square or rectangular shapes out of the fabric with sizes of your choice. You can have alternate designs from one fabric style to another or you can have it uniformed. You will also learn different ways to sew the cover and tips to make the tops lovelier. Quilting has different styles—Rag Quilts, Memory Quilts, Photo Memory Quilts, Patchwork Quilts, Scrap and Pattered Quilts. To have a better idea on how to enhance the design of the quilt top, you can scan through home décor magazines or even surf the net.
  • Start sewing the cuts onto the quilt. Place the squares on a clean flat surface or, better yet, on the floor for a larger working area. Lay them all until you have reached the same size as the quilt dimensions. Attach the squares together by pinning them at all edges and sides. Once this is done, the next step is to sew them together, creating a 1/2- 1 inch layer. Continue until all strips are sewn together to finish the quilt top.
  • Make final touches. Look at the finished material from afar to see whether you want to add more embellishments or not. You can finish up by putting your trademark or signature onto the quilt however and wherever you want it to be placed.

In this chilly season, you need to start thinking of ways on how you can keep the warmth inside your lovely home for you and your family without having to trash away a huge amount of cash. One such great idea is to make your very own creative quilt and a matching personalized quilt cover. Follow the steps above and you’re sure to be applauded for your care and resourcefulness.


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