How To Make a Rabbit Trap

If you have a garden, especially a vegetable patch, you may encounter some small animals trying to eat your produce and plants. In some places, rabbits may even encroach on your property. If you are having problems with some rabbits on your property, a simple solution you can do is to make your own rabbit trap. It’s a humane way to capture the animal.

Here’s what you need to do to make a rabbit trap.

  • Get your materials together. For a very basic and inexpensive trap, get a heavy duty cardboard box. If you can find a small wooden crate used for fruits, you can use that as well as long as it is deep enough. You can get boxes from grocery stores and warehouse shopping stores. The heavier the box, the better. You will also need a stick to prop up the box. Also, prepare some string. Finally, you will need some food that the rabbit will find irresistible to lure the rabbit in the trap. Some examples are carrots, celery and some lettuce.
  • Cut the stick. Get a piece of wood and cut is about six to eight inches long. It should be able to prop the box high enough so the rabbit can crawl in but not easily get out.
  • Tie the stick to a food trap. Get a piece of sturdy string, such as some fishing string. Tie one end of the string to the stick and the other end to the piece of food. A sturdy branch or a portion of an old broomstick may work.
  • Position the trap. Now that you have your material for the trap ready, it’s time to set it up. Determine the area in your garden that the rabbit likes to frequent. You can tell this based on the amount of rabbit tracks left on the ground. Now, place the food on the ground and cover it with the box. Next, prop the inverted box on one side using the piece of wood. This way, you have an entrance to the trap. Make sure the propping stick is sturdy enough so it doesn’t collapse unless the rabbit is already inside the box tugging on the food. There should not be any extra string so that as soon as the food item is moved around, the stick will automatically be pulled from under making the box collapse on the ground trapping the rabbit inside.
  • Do a test run. When you have the trap in position, try and poke the food inside. As soon as it is moved, it should make the box fall down. If it doesn’t work, shorten the string and try it again.

Now that you have placed the trap in an appropriate location, it’s time to wait and see. In some instances, you may end up catching other small animals, such as squirrels and opossums. Once you do catch the rabbit, bring it to a shelter or you can choose to make it a pet rabbit for the family. If you decide to adopt the rabbit, it won’t have to steal food from you anymore.


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