How To Make a Recycled Glass Window Plant Rooter

Plant rooters are used as containers for plants. These are designed so that you can use these as decorations in your house. There are several stores selling these. However, you can always make your own plant rooters. The container where you put the plant is called a vessel. You can use different materials for your vessel as long as it’s good enough to grow the plants. The vessel should be at least 4 inches deep. This is to make sure that the roots of the plants will have enough space to grow. You can use any plant that you like, though it’s best to pick those which responds to water rooting well. Some of these plants are mint, philodendron, ivy, coleus and spider plants. You can try using glass vases for a glass window plant rooter. Glass vases are easy to find. Look around the house and see if there are vases that you can use for this project. It’s best to recycle these vases because this will save you money and you can do something new out of these old vases. If there are garage sales in your area, you may want to check if you can find old vases that you can use.

Here are the steps on how to make a recycled glass window plant rooter.

  • Things you’ll need. The things you’ll need in making recycled glass window plant rooter are plants that you will put in the rooter, 2 transparent vases and things that you will use for designing the rooter like buttons, marbles or stones. One vase should be small and the other one is bigger than the other. Make sure that you can put the small vase inside the big vase. The buttons, marbles, stones or whatever materials you will need for the design should be colorful so that the rooter will be more attractive.
  • Get the big vase and the small vase. Put the small vase inside the big vase making sure that the small vase is on the center of the big vase. Put the buttons, marbles or stones inside the big vase making sure that these will not go inside the small vase. If the small vase moves out of its place, put it back in the center. Continue putting the buttons, marbles or stones until the big vase is full.
  • Put water on the small vase. Once the big vase is filled with buttons, marbles or stones, put water on the small vase. Get the plants that you will use on your recycled glass window plant rooter and put these in the small vase. You can now put your rooter in the window so that it will catch sunlight. Check if you need to add more water in the small vase. If there’s not enough water, you can add more so the plant will have enough of it.

If you have more glass vases that you don’t use anymore, you can make more recycled glass window plant rooters to display in your house. If you know someone who will have a house warming, these are great gifts that you can make.


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