How To Make a Rock Garden Fountain

Making a rock garden fountain is a perfect touch to any outdoor garden area.  Not only it is a beautiful focal point, but a rock garden also provides the relaxing sound of trickling water.  Luckily it is very simple to make a rock garden fountain for your home.

Supplies needed: (supplies can be found at local home improvement stores)

  • Liner (large enough for desired pond
  • Water pump & accessories
  • Different shapes and sizes of rocks.

Step #1:  You will need a nearby electrical outlet for the pump, keep this in mind when deciding the where-about the pond will be.  Usually rock garden fountains look nice in corners.

Step #2:  Begin digging a hole for the pond.  It can be any shape or size but at least 1 ½ - 2 ft deep.

Step #3:  Pack  the ground around the pond where the rocks will be.  The will ensure the ground that the rocks will be on is solid and will not begin to settle., allowing rocks to shift.

Step #4:  Smooth a liner flat into the bottom of the freshly dug hole.  Place some rocks at the edges of the liner to prevent any possible shifting while the liner is being put in place.

Step #5:  Put the pond pump in the hole and point the tubes to where you will want to water to flow.

Step #6:  Begin laying rocks to form where the water will run back into the pond.  Rocks can be stacked any type of way and as high as you like.  Adjust the tubing as your go so you will have an idea how the water will flow back into the pond.  Make sure not to pinch off the tubing while laying the rocks.

Step #7:  After all rocks have been placed, go back and cut the pond liner.  Be sure to leave a few inches on the ground.

Step #8:  Place flat rocks around the edging of the pond, this will conceal the extra pond liner.  Overlap a layer of rocks around the edge; this will help to conceal the liner as well.

Step #9: Begin filling the pond with water and plug in the pump.  Adjustment of the water tube may be necessary to get the desired look.  More rocks can be added to hide any electrical cords that are needed.

Final touches to the rock garden fountain can be added after completion.  Aquatic plants & fish are a perfect addition to any pond.  Aquatic plants, such as water lilies & water lotus, thrive in small ponds.  Both plants are perennials which mean they will return year after year. Koi and goldfish are ideal fish for ponds.  Both fish are simple to care for and both have a long life expectancy.


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