How To Make a Room Look Taller

How to make a room look taller.  This may be something you have always wanted, but could not have, unless you were to buy a new home.  Until now!  The first step is to never ever put a border, or any type of split wall half way up.  You will always want to place a border two thirds of the way.  This way if you choose to use a bright color, you will not have so much of it, should you choose to use the brightest color on top.  And then you will use a little lighter color on the bottom, which will be most of the room.
You can create a coved affect feeling by simply painting a strip around the entire room, that is actually on the wall, but matches the ceiling.   If you have the ceiling tiles, you can paint them, or if you do not mind a little hard work, you may even wish to change them out.  Maybe even every other one. By doing this, you will create the checkerboard look.  You want to put something beautiful up on the ceiling, such as a beautiful light fixture.  By doing this, you will have everyone looking up, which will also point out your ceiling to them.  Another idea is a sheet metal ceiling, these are very trendy.   If you are painting your ceiling, you always want it fairly light in color, white works best, but always make your ceiling lighter than your walls.

Hang your drapes from floor to ceiling, this is a great look, which will not break up your walls.  A wonderful long curtain will definitely make everything look taller! You can tie them back with rope for a very beautiful look.  Another idea is do not use a valance, only curtains.   If you happen to have a fireplace, this works great, especially if the chimney bricks go all the way to the ceiling.  Painting the bricks a different color than the walls will work great.
Do not use a ceiling fan, people tend to try to get out of the way of them, thus making them feel taller, and your ceiling shorter.
On your floors, do not use carpet, maybe a tile floor, or even wood flooring with a throw rug.
If it is the bathroom you are working on, hang your shower curtain higher than usual.  In the bedroom, try a canopy bed.  In the dining room, try chairs with a higher than normal back.  High backed chairs are very beautiful, it will make you feel like royalty!  And finally, if the kitchen is what you are working on, you can place tall vases of dried flowers, or maybe a big clock on top of the cabinets.  Basically anything that will draw the eye upward is good.


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