How To Make a Rust Remover

Got a bolt that you simply cannot remove because of the rust build up? Although there are plenty of rust removers available in the market, these products are usually expensive and toxic. If you need to remove the rust off an item, it is best to use products that are already found at home, such as citrus fruits, vinegar, and even soda. Even better, these substances are safe and non-toxic. They also work in the same way as commercially available rust removers – by stripping away the rust through phosphoric acid and other acidic compounds.

Citrus fruits. For objects that cannot be soaked, you can use a slice of citrus fruits such as a lemon. Rub the fruit over the rusting section of the object, and use a soft scouring pad to remove the rust once the citrus fruit juice has worked on the stain. You will have to do this repeatedly, until the rust has been thoroughly removed. On the other hand, you can also extract the fruit juice first using a blender. Once the juice has been separated, take a piece of cloth and soak it with the citrus juice. You can then place this over the rusting section, and leave it overnight. The next day, the rust should come off easily with a piece of dry cloth.

White vinegar. Acids are one of the key components in removing rust. This is why vinegar is also very effective in removing rust. Keep in mind, however, that vinegar has a relatively low acid content, which means that it must be used in undiluted form. Use a sponge or piece of cloth soaked in vinegar, and spread this over the rust. Leave overnight, and then scrub away at the last few rust residues. Be sure to wash away the vinegar residue, however, especially since vinegar has a distinctly acrid smell.

Soda. Soft drinks such as Coca Cola and a host of other carbonated beverages actually work well in removing rust. This is because of the phosphoric acid which the beverages naturally contain. Simply take the rusting object and immerse it in a small container filled with the beverage. Leave the item overnight, and then rinse away the soda residue from the object. The rust should also come off the objects naturally.

Other recipes. You can also combine hydrogen peroxide, cream of tartar, and baking soda to create a past that will quickly remove the rust spots. To use this, simply apply the paste on top of the rusted area. Leave it in place for half an hour and remove the substance from the surface of the object. Repeat the process as necessary, such as if there are stubborn rust stains deep into the surface of the metal object. Wipe away the paste after wards. This mixture is also very gentle on the metal surface, which means that it will not cause discoloration.

With these steps, you can easily remove rust from common household items. Keep your iron equipment dry at all times to prevent rust from building up again. Through these reminders, keeping your tools in top shape is easy.


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