How To Make a Rustic Coffee Table

When designing a house, furniture is perhaps the most important thing to consider especially in the living room. The chairs and tables are usually what take up most of the space so these need to be presentable. Coffee tables are also popular furniture in houses. If you want to add a coffee table in your house but want to make it look classic with style, you can get a rustic coffee table. Rustic furniture is often bulky and heavy with a lot of texture. If you’re having a home make over and you will be changing your old window or door, you can use these in making your own rustic coffee table. Yes, it’s possible to make a stylish table out of these!

Here are the steps you need to do to make a rustic coffee table.

  • Prepare the materials needed.  The things that you will need in making a rustic coffee table are primer, paint, painter’s tape, light sandpaper, old wooden window, 4 legs of a table and at least 4 panels.
  • Pick the window you can use. If you change your windows, check which of the old windows you can use for your coffee table. Get the window that has the size of the table you want to make. If you don’t have an old window that you can use for your coffee table at home, you can check around your area and see if there are garage sales, which sell old windows that you can use for your coffee table. You may also find this on some antique shops as well as salvage yard. You may also be able to find the legs of your coffee table on those places or you can buy these on any store selling home improvement supplies.
  • Sand the window. Using light sandpaper, sand the wooden part of the window. If the window is painted, sand it properly to remove all paint. Get a cloth and remove the debris produced when sanding the window. However, it is fine not to remove the debris or you can also remove some and retain some. The debris will add texture to the coffee table making it more rustic.
  • Paint the wooden part of the window. Before painting the wooden part of the window, you need to make sure that the glass part of the window will not be stained with paint. Cover this with painter’s tape to avoid staining it with paint. If you don’t have painter’s tape, you can also use a masking tape to cover the glass part. Paint the wooden part by following the instructions of the manufacturer and let this dry. You also need to do the same with the wooden table legs. If you don’t want to paint your table, you can apply clear polyurethane to protect the wooden part.
  • Attach the legs to the table. Once you’re done painting the window and legs, it’s now time to attach the legs to the window so that you’ll have your rustic coffee table. You can use nail or strong adhesive to attach the legs. Some table legs have built in screws that will make it easier for you to attach these to the window. Remove the tape on the glass part.

Your rustic coffee table is ready to use! You can put this on your living room and put a flower vase or picture frame on top of it to make it more presentable.


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