How To Make a Simple Scented Oil Burner

Imagine yourself sleeping in a room full of aromatic fragrances. Isn’t that a relaxing ambiance especially on a rainy day? What’s more is that you don’t have to spend money to buy a good oil burner. You can make your own oil burner and start filling your room with that different level of aromatherapy.

If you have a ceramic mug with a broken handle, you are lucky because you will need this. With this, you’ll be recycling your ceramic mug and turning it into something that can alleviate your stress. So, before anything else, prepare the things you need first. These are:

  • Ceramic mug
  • Tin-made mini pie pan. Its circumference should be bigger than the mug’s mouth.
  • Scented oil
  • Power drill for ceramic bit
  • Tealight candle

Do this project in a space where no kids are around. The power drill is a helpful tool but it can be a dangerous one if reached for by kids.

  1. Mug drilling. This is the hardest step in this project. You should put at least three holes on each side of the ceramic mug. The holes should be as big as the dime. This is needed to allow the air reach the flame so that the fire of  the candle is kept burning. You can have the holes lined up crosswise or lengthwise. You can also have a dot pyramid or you can form a flower. It’s up to you for as long as there are holes on the mug.
  2. Preparing the pan. The tin-made mini pie pan will serve as the oil dish. You can decorate this with ribbons or anything that can resist the heat.
  3. Decorate. Don’t just let your mug look like a mug-turned-out-oil-burner. Instead, make it look like a real oil burner by putting some decorations. You can paint it on or hang some bells from the holes. Whatever you like is fine as long as the design will not hinder to the mug’s purpose as well as the holes’. The design you will do should also be safe from heat or else, your decoration will just be useless.
  4. Test it out. Now, it’s time to test your creation. Put the tealight candle inside the mug. Light it, but be careful when doing this especially if the mug is deep. You can use a stick or a strip of paper to reach the fire to the candle.

Now, put some essential oil unto the tin-made mini pie pan and smell the aromatic sense from your oil burner.

In some cases, a mini pie pan is not needed anymore if the bottom of the mug is deep enough for the essential oils. You still need to drill some holes—and you need to drill more holes. Cover the lighted up candle with the mug, which you will put upside down. Put some drops of essential oil unto the deep bottom and presto! You already have your oil burner.

You can try this project on other ceramic-made things as well like your soup cup, coffee cup, or bowl. As long as the material can resist heat and can be drilled on, it can be transformed into a scented oil burner.


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