How To Make a Simple Yard Sign

There are many things you own that need protection. You need to guard your property against bad elements lurking around the neighbourhood who may attempt to steal or damage your possessions. In times where you are not present, you need something to deliver these precautions, warnings, and even commands. A yard sign is the perfect tool to deliver this message. Whether you simply want to inform people about your fierce dog or if you want to protect your well-manicured lawn from getting trampled on by strangers, yard signs prove to be very effective. Here are ways to make a simple yard sign.

  1. Design. Decide on what you want your yard sign to look like and what message you want it to display. Visualize in your mind or draw on a piece of paper how you plan it the yard sign to look like. Decide what materials you want to use. The materials should be help in conveying your message. Also keep in mind that the more words you want to include in your message, the larger board you will need to have.
  2. Gather all the materials needed. To make a complete yard sign, you need to have a board, a stake, paint and nails or screws.
  3. Attach the board to the stake. Your board can be made of wood or metal. If you choose to have a wooden board, it is better to pair it with a wooden stake, and then attach them together with nails. If you choose an all-metal yard sign, then use screws to attach it to the stake.
  4. Paint your message on the board. The message should be written very clearly, in bold block letters. The color of the letters should contrast the color of the board. For example, if the color of the board is lighter, then it is best to use black paint. Also, it is better to paint the board first, before painting the letters on so that the text will have background color. The contrast of colours will attract more attention. Choose paint which does not easily wear off. You can use weatherproof or waterproof paint so that your yard sign will last longer.
  5. Install the sign. Choose a site which is visible from afar. Dig a hole in the chosen location. The hole should be wide enough for the stake and deep enough so that the board will not fall over. After inserting the stake, pile the soil firmly around it to give the stake good support. Piling rocks around the base will also be a big help. Remove other objects which may block your sign, such as branches and leaves.

Giving precautions or warnings is one way of showing that you are responsible for the things that you own. By making yard signs, you do not only show that you are a responsible owner, but that you also show care for other people’s safety.


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