How To Make a Slipcover for a Folding Chair

Folding chairs are very convenient since you can stow them away easily when not being used to reduce clutter in your home and can whip it out and unfold it in seconds for instant seating should you have more guests than what your traditional furniture can handle. The only problem with most folding chairs is that they are not really inviting simply because to colors of the back and seat of the chair are usually utilitarian at best. Fortunately, this is not a problem that has a difficult solution. You can make slip covers to make these folding furniture pieces come alive and work with your color scheme and theme. Here are some specific steps on how to work the magic.

  • Take the measurements. Unfold the folding chair and whip out your tape measure. First off, measure the chair back from the bottom to the top as well as from side to side. Write the figures down. Once that is done, proceed with the measuring of the seat itself. Do the same, bottom to the top and one side to the other. Write down the figures. Once that is done, add about 3 inches to the measurements of both the seat and the chair back. This will provide you with the allowance or margin you need for the sewing of the edges.
  • Make the patterns. Once the measurements have been taken, it will be time for you to make the patterns. You can use newspaper for this. Simply lay out a couple of sheets of old newspaper and mark the dimensions for the pattern based on the measurements you took previously. Use a pen to line up the sides of each pattern. Cut it out afterwards.
  • Cut the fabric. Using the newspaper patterns, cut out the fabric for your slip covers. To do this, simply lay the pattern onto the fabric, pin it down for stability, and start cutting. This is the process for both the seat and the chair back.
  • Add elasticity. Once the fabric for both the chair back and seat has been cut, your next step will involve you sewing the edges to create a pocket for your elastic band. Turn the fabric to make the inner part visible. Fold the top and bottom edges of the fabric by 1 inch. Press it down to leave an indentation. Sew these edges together and leave a gap of about 1 inch at each end at both top and bottom edges. Now, that you have a pocket for your elastic bands, you will have to cut the bands. You will need two strips. Before cutting, whip out your measuring tape once again and wrap it around the chair back and seat. This will be the basis for the length of your elastic band. Cut the strips you need and insert each on into the pockets you made previously. Meet the two ends of each strip and sew it together. You may want it a bit tighter, so adjust until you reach the desired tightness.

Once all the elastic bands are in place, the next step will be slipping the covers on. Use the elastic bands to secure the fabric in place, on top of the original covers. There you have it, two easy and simple slip covers for any type of folding chair.


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