How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

A small bathroom presents decorative challenges because necessary fixtures in the space limit your options. You can’t just ‘rearrange’ the room as you would arrange furniture in a living room or bedroom. But there are magic tricks – decoratively speaking – that can help transform a small bathroom and create the illusion of space.

Step 1

The Importance of Color&Light

Dark colors may be dramatic but they make a space feel smaller, whereas light colors visually expand a space. You may not be drawn to shades of white, but if you use a pale background, deeper colors in accessories will stand out. Choose one or two accent colors to unify the space. Stick to a similar color for the shower curtain to keep the look harmonious. When colors are the same or similar from one surface to another, the uniformity of color makes it seem as though the walls are moving away from our field of vision, so the room seems larger.

Provide adequate lighting at the vanity as well as with an overhead fixture. Simple window treatments, such as top down/bottom up shades, will allow for privacy while still letting natural light into the space.

Step 2

Bathtub Tricks

In a small bathroom, a standard tub/shower combo that is built into the wall can make the room seem even smaller if the shower curtain is drawn closed. A vintage style claw foot tub, without a curtain or a curtain pulled aside on an overhead shower ring, can make the space feel larger.  If you have a standard tub/shower combo that you do not plan on replacing, consider leaving the shower open if the interior of the tub is in good condition. This will make the bathroom feel deeper and larger. Beautiful or mint-condition vintage tile in the tub can be an asset to the room. Place attractive bathing accessories, sponges and brushes on the edge of  the tub or on a chair stool to make this necessary fixture look like part of the décor.

When choosing doors for a shower enclosure, choose clear glass or mirrored glass that will help maximize the illusion of space.

Step 3

Wall Decor and Accessories for Small Spaces

•    Choose wall décor carefully. A lot of little pieces can seem busy and actually make the space feel dinky and small. Choose one piece large enough for the largest expanse of wall space, but not so large that it overwhelms and deletes any margins of wall space around it. A piece that allows wall space to show through, such as wrought iron wall art or metal wall art, will seem more expansive than a heavy piece whose bulk intrudes on the space.

•    Use mirrors to your advantage and make the space feel larger. A good size mirror above the sink or vanity will reflect the light from surrounding fixtures, making the space feel larger. If there is a space on the wall opposite of the vanity wall, consider a piece of wall art that contains a mirror or reflective finish that will enhance the sense of space.

•    Choose a minimal number of essential accessories to cut down on clutter. Unite countertop and other accessories throughout the room by color and finish to create a harmonious flow that feels more expansive than it is.

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