How To Make a Sofa Cover

You want to re-decorate your living room. But your sofa is no longer good to look at for the new living room you are planning. Worse, you don’t have a budget to buy a new sofa.  Good thing you can always choose to create a sofa cover to cover up the old-looking sofa and make it appear like new again. This is good for protecting the piece of furniture as well.

Having experience in sewing will help you do the project nice and easy. The project may not be that easy without any experience in sewing. But for as long as you know how to properly measure and cut the fabric, you’ll get through sewing nice and easy.

Here’s what you will need for the sofa cover project:

  • Fabric. Use the kind and fabric color of your choice.
  • Outline fabric. A white thin fabric will do great for the outline.
  • Sewing machine. You can hand-sew the fabric if you’re not that confident using a sewing machine.
  • Thread and needle.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Tailor chalk.
  • Fabric measuring tape.
  • Upholstery pins.


  1. Measuring. There will be a lot of measuring you’ll need to do. Here’s the rule of thumb: measure every side, every section, and every part of the sofa. You can assess how the current cover of your sofa was made and you can measure these parts. Important measurements you should take are of the sofa’s body, back, the arms, sections of arms, and feet. Check if your sofa has a manual instructing you how to properly measure it. You can refer to that manual for a more accurate measuring. You can use upholstery pins to get the measurement of every sofa section. This will give you accurate measurement of the fabrics you will need for the project. Curved parts are harder to measure but the pins will help you through that. Simply trace the outline of the sofa. Cover it with a white fabric and start pinning. The pins’ trace will serve as your outline. You can use a tailor chalk if you think pins can’t help you trace the sofa’s outline.
  2. Cut Fabric. Cut the fabric outline, following the trace from the pins. Every section of the sofa should have its own outline. Take note to which section of sofa the piece of fabric belongs. Lay down the outline fabric on the fabric you will use as a sofa cover. Trace the outline fabric on the other fabric using the tailor chalk. You’ll follow that mark for sewing. Now, cut the fabric, giving at least two centimeters allowance around each piece of fabric.
  3. Sewing. Sew the fabric together by sewing the outline together. Make sure you’ll do the sewing on the fabric’s interior side. You can turn the fabric inside out after sewing.

These are the basics of making a sofa cover. You can improvise this one by putting a trimming to the sofa cover’s edges or use zippers. You can also attach a skirt-like thing from the sofa cover’s bottom. This will create a bigger-looking sofa. 


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