How To Make a Sofa Slipcover

So, you have got an old sofa, worn and dilapidated through constant use and abuse over the years. You want to rejuvenate its image but really can’t afford to have it reupholstered. Not to worry, since you can simply make a slip cover that will probably have the same effect but at a significantly reduced cost. With a little measuring here and there, and some basic know-how in sewing, you can make your old couch look good as new. Here are the things you will have to do.

  • Measure it. There is a formula to do this along with the use of your tape measure to figure out the dimensions of every part of your sofa. However, to avoid mistakes, you may want to visit your local upholstery or furniture store as they will probably already have the measurements laid out for your particular sofa. You can get the dimensions of your sofa as you purchase the fabric for your sofa as well as the muslin cloth for the pattern.
  • Create the pattern. The reason why you purchased muslin cloth is because it is the best material to create your pattern. That said your first mission is to drape it over the sofa. Start with the back part of the sofa, from the top to the bottom. Drape it over and pin it in place at all corners and sides. Once the cloth is stable, get a piece of chalk and make the necessary marks on it to serve as your guide for the cuts. Make sure to leave an allowance at the bottom especially if you are planning on tucking it into the bottom part of the sofa’s base. Repeat the same process for the front part and arms of the sofa. Drape the cloth over these parts and pin in place. Mark the areas where you will be making the cuts with the chalk. So, basically, you will be creating 4 parts here, the back, front, and the 2 arms of the sofa.
  • Cut the fabric. Now that you have the patterns for the couch, you will now use that as the guide for cutting the pieces you will on the fabric. What you will be doing is laying out the fabric on a table and placing the muslin cloth pattern on top. Make sure that the outside part of the pattern is lying flat on the surface. Cut the fabric based on the pattern. Repeat the cutting process with the other patterns until you have all the parts in place.
  • Start sewing. With all the fabric parts at hand, the next job will require you to start sewing. You can do this by hand through a sewing machine. Now, if you are creating slipcovers that can be tightened on the sofa instead of tucking it in, then make sure to create pockets at the edges for the drawstring. In any case, connect the back and front part first, sew and set. Once that is done, connect the arms at each side, sew and set.

As soon as you complete the slipcover, try it on your sofa and see how it fits. If there is a sizing problem, you can always detach each part and cut out a new one. Now that you have your new slipcover, you can now clothe your sofa in order to make it look brand new.


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