How To Make a Stepping Stone Pathway with a Mold

Stepping stone pathways are a very nice way to decorate your garden. They are not only functional but add some interesting eye patterns for your area. Making one on your own is easy especially if you follow the steps listed below.

  • Materials that you will need:
      • Walkmaker or other molds for stones
      • Shovel for mixing the cement
      • QuikCrete or any quick setting cement
      • Dye, for those who want to dye the stones
      • Large mixing bucket or pan
      • Water and hose
      • Sand, additional stones or other elements that you want for added texture
  • Gathering your materials. For an efficient project time, gather all of the materials that you need in one area first. Note that the cement bags are heavy – around 80 pounds each so make sure that you have someone to help you out in carrying them. Allot at least a bag and a half of cement for every two stones that you want to make.
  • Sketching out your stepping stone lay out. Before anything else, make sure that you already have an idea of what kind of lay out you want for your stepping stones. Do you want it to center around a particular piece of your property? Do you want it to serve as a main pathway from the gate to your front door?
  • Preparing your area. You then need to look for a flat area where you want to place your stone steps. If there is no completely flat area, make sure you level the area that you want so that a portion of it is flat. You can do this by removing the grass and some soil of a particular area. Do not be scared in removing the grass since you can replant them when you are done with the steps.
  • Mixing your cement. Mix your cement according to package instructions, taking care not to inhale the cement dust. Work with a gas mask, if necessary. If you are planning on having colored steps, add your liquid cement coloring dye to the water that you will be using before mixing your cement with water. Mix your cement mixture well with a trowel or a shovel.
  • Placing your molds. When done with mixing the cement, place the molds for your stone steps on your selected location and pour the cement onto the mold. Smooth out the outermost part of the cement. After pouring in the cement, remove your mold carefully, if not, the cement will bond with the mold. Reuse the mold to a different spot. If there are certain areas of the cement that are a bit deformed after the removal of the mold, smooth it out with a trowel since the cement hasn’t still set.
  • Decorating your step. While your step is still not solid cement, now is the time to dust it with sand if you want that natural finish on it. You can also place impressions of leafs or place imprints of letters. You can also fill the spaces in between the steps or stones by filling it with grout or with other materials or elements for decoration.
  • Allowing your steps to set. You should allow at least 6 hours for the cement to set before you can let anyone step on it.

Have fun in decorating your step. You can have the kids decorate each step or even have their handprints on it, similar to the Hollywood walk of fame.


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