How To Make a Stylish Cosmetic Shelf

A cosmetic shelf can be boring and dull, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With some creativity and a dose of effort, you can turn an otherwise lackluster cosmetic shelf into something beautiful. You don’t even have to spend much. Just look around your house and you can have plenty of materials. And from there, you can think of some ideas of how to beautify your cosmetic shelf. Here are some of them.

  1. Paint. Add color to your shelf by painting it all around. You can use one striking paint color for the entire cosmetic shelf, but if you want it to be more stylish, use a combination of colors. Have a theme. You can perhaps paint the shelf with pastel colors. Or you can have one color as a theme and use different shades. But make sure to have balance; that is, use both light and dark colors. It is also important to have a pattern. You can paint horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can also paint shapes and figures. If you are exceptionally adept at painting, you can even paint intricate patterns like animals and cartoons characters. The thing is, be very imaginative.
  2. Collage. Do you have old magazines lying around the house? Make good use of them by creating a collage out of cut-out magazine pictures. Choose the pictures with a variety of colors to lend your cosmetic shelf vibrancy and color. Use big and small pictures for variety. Aside from magazine pictures, you can also glue your old photographs to the cosmetic shelf. For more fun, take those that you are prettiest in like photos of your friend’s wedding, prom night, or first date. Other collage ideas include colored papers, cut-out card images, and magazine texts.
  3. Stamps. The good thing about stamps is that they are already pre-designed, so you don’t have to draw on the shelf. They come in flower, butterfly, animal, moon, star, and other varied patterns, giving you a lot of options for your themes. For instance, if you want to create night-sky-themed shelf, you can stamp large moons and little stars on your shelf. If you are going for color, stamp flowers using different ink colors. You can also use alphabet stamps to design your cosmetic shelf with names and favorite phrases.
  4. Stickers. If you live with a child, acquiring stickers shouldn’t be hard. But in any case, you can buy cheap stickers at any specialty store. Make sure your stickers vary in design, color, and size. You can choose to cover your entire shelf with stickers, although you can also select certain areas to put stickers on. If you are a little more creative, you can shape a pattern out of the stickers. For instance, you can form a flower by placing six red round stickers around one small yellow round sticker.

Explore your creativity more by combining all four ways of creating a stylish cosmetic shelf. Paint a yellow background, glue cut-out house pictures, stamp trees and flowers, and put animal stickers on the shelf. In other words, think of your shelf as your canvass into which you deposit your creative juices.


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