How To Make a Succulent Wreath

There are a lot ways to make your plants an ornamental piece in your home. Among them is by creating a succulent wreath. When correctly done, this ornament will be the envy of your neighbors and your pride to keep if you did it yourself. Plus, a succulent wreath is really inexpensive, for it can last for years with minor maintenance. So what are you waiting for. Follow these simple instructions laid out for you and create and design your own succulent wreath now.

  • Materials. You need moss, which you can purchase from local garden shops, a screwdriver, the succulent plants, 12" wreath frame, fishing line, and U-shaped florist pins. Neatly organize the materials in your working station. It is highly recommended that you make this project in your backyard or garage.
  • Wreath. You can find ready made dried and twined stick wreaths that are so that you will instantly have a form. It’s advisable to collect wires that lay perfectly flat. When you have these materials, try and to put a piece of wire around the form. This will serve as you hanger for the wreath to hang from a wall or door. As for your base, fill it with some slightly watered ground soil that has been wrapped in sphagnum moss that has been soaked overnight. Get the moist sphagnum moss and over it, spill some soil in its center. Enclose it, just a few inches at a time, around the form. Twist the wire all around the form to tie them in place. Be sure to that there is an extra inch between twining.
  • Plants. When the frame is filled with the moss, take the fishing line and loop it around the outer part of the form. Make sure that the line is really tied to secure the moss from falling out of the form. When done, the exciting part of creating a succulent wreath begins. Arrange your succulents, get a screwdriver and make a hole in the moss. Make the hole wide to accommodate the stem of the plant that you have selected. After creating holes in the moss, insert the plant. Be sure to leave a distance of about 1 to 2 inches between the succulents. This will serve as an allowance for the plants to grow and occupy the space. When all of your selected succulents are planted in you’re just about done.
  • Maintenance. Don’t neglect to water your succulent wreath every now and then. Every couple of days will do. Don’t forget that your wreath is a plant and is thus in need of sun. Place the wreath on a spot where it can absorb the sunlight. Keep the wreath flat for another three to four months. This will allow the roots of your succulent wreath to take hold. Maintain your succulent wreath and this will last for years.

Be proud of yourself you have just transformed a simple succulent plant into a beautiful ornamental piece that perfectly complements your wall or door, and with proper care it can stay there for years to come!


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