How To Make a Table Lamp Shade

Functionality and design can be combined through the use of a table lamp shade. Whether you fancy the Tiffany lamp, the touch lamp, or the Stiffel lamp, all can actually be done by hand using materials that you already have lying around the house. Instead of buying a brand new lamp that can cost you a fortune, consider recycling. Not only is it financially rewarding, but designing something using your own productive juices is equally as fun. Here are the steps that you need to make your own lamp.

  1. Get the frame. Take any of your old and unused lampshades and carefully unhinge the frame from the base. Be sure that you work out the folded or bent wires in the frame, if the lamp is damaged. If you do not have a pre-existing lamp, you can scour the flea market or the occasional garage sales. These are home to plenty of very cheap lamp shades, whose frames you can use. If you are particularly handy, you can even use iron wires to create a design. You will only need to form two circles, one of which is larger than the other. Connect these with vertical wires and create socket which will fit on the base of a preexisting lamp. This is especially useful if you want a unique shape or the lamp size that you need is not available in the flea market.
  2. Work on the shade. Once the frames are done, it is time to cover it. Use cotton tape to cover the wire frames. The cotton tape is the surface on which you will sew the piece of cloth covering. The cloth should be fairly light and translucent. You can test the cloth beforehand to ensure that just the right amount of light will pass through the lamp. Once this is done, measure the circumference of the upper and lower hole of the lamp, as well as the height. Create a four sided shape on the piece of cloth, with the upper side corresponding to the upper circumference, and the lower side corresponding to the lower circumference. The lines should be parallel and the angles of the sides of the four sided polygon should be equal and should connect to form a broken cone. Sew this together and drape over the frame.
  3. Attaching the pieces. Once the lamp cover is draped over the frame, it is time for you to stitch the cloth to the frame. Use hem stitches to connect the cotton tape and the cloth. Once done, fit it into the base. Find a light bulb with the wattage that you need, and which will fit on the existing bulb socket. You should also ensure that the lamp bulb will not warm up too much and cause the cloth to become too warm, which can be a fire hazard.

Satisfying, creative, and very useful for your bedside table, the table lamp can accent your bedroom and show off your creative powers as well. Even better, this accent lamp that will decorate your room is cheap and very easy to make. You can even match it up to a hanging lump to make your room more interesting.


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