How To Make a Tablecloth Using Vintage Aprons

Vintage aprons are the fashion in the 1950’s warm kitchen setting. Class and sophistication combined with practicality are what every true blue retro housewife generally liked about these friendly cooking-and-cleaning-armor. If you have a collection of these coming all the way down from the matriarchs of your clan, and you do like their retro appeal but simply don’t see yourself personally wearing them, then turning them into some other accessory in the kitchen or dining area will be most practical and pleasant to your beloved great grandmothers’ and great aunts’ eyes.

Here’s how you can personally make a table cloth out of vintage aprons.

  • Get all needed materials ready and near-at-hand. Aside from your collection of vintage aprons (whose ties should be cut off along the point where they meet at the apron’s waist), you must have a quilted fabric just about the size of your table (and with colors and design that does not stray away from the colors and design of your vintage collection), needle (for hand sewing), durable thread (with colors matching the quilt), a pair of scissors, dressmaker pins, masking tape and sewing machine.
  • Temporarily attach the quilt onto the table top. Cut out short lengths of masking tape, rolling each into a loop. Stick them onto random distances across the table and then place the center of your quilt (with the wrong side facing up) over the adhesives, flattening it firmly with your palms so that it will not slip as you proceed with the succeeding steps. Trim the quilt along the edges of the table, leaving an allowance of a quarter of an inch larger than the entire dimension of your table.
  • Attach the aprons along the edges of your freshly cut quilt. Experiment on the pattern and color combinations of the aprons and the quilt, as if you’re making a collage. If your aprons have varying lengths, simply adjust the design so that your table cloth will have a design of alternating long and short drapes. Do this with the help of dressmaker pins. They should temporarily hold whatever pattern and design you are still trying to perceive in your mind’s eye. The general idea is to interconnect the aprons using pins, leaving their skirts to hang beautifully around your table.
  • Remove the sequence of vintage aprons from the quilt. By hand, sew the aprons together at the waists and remove the pins as you go along the entire bunch.
  • Reattach the now stitched-together aprons onto the quilt using pins. Make sure to do this with their right sides facing down and touching the wrong side of the quilt. After a secure pinning together of the aprons to the quilt edges, you may now detach the quilt from the table and run under the sewing machine for permanent and secure stitches. Don’t forget to remove the adhesive.
  • Finally, sew the aprons onto the quilt. Do this with seams measuring a quarter of an inch.

Instead of keeping vintage aprons hidden in the attic, recycling these kitchen treasures into a useful and visibly attractive table accessory will surely give you a constant sweet reminder of your beloved matriarchs. You may even give it to your mother, grandmother or great grandmother as a very nice and memory-packed present.


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